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Fury Sportscar $25,000

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Hi All-I have been amazed at the Fury, This was an all option all upgrades kit that lingered on as an unfinished project for 18 years. At 63 years of age I have perhaps owned 50 english sportscars, at least a dozen Lotus and know quality. This is gonna be great. There have been Allards and Cobras, Astons. TVRs, MGs and Triumphs, and to be frank and honest I am kinda good with my Supercharged BRG Miata-so the Fury may go.


It has been titled in Maryland as a 1965 Fisher Fury-everything works-at present I have 3 miles on it-and hope to sell before I fall in love with it.


From the technical material that came with the car-there are about 25-30K in expenditures.


The engine for example is in Formula Atlantic tune-except that it is also fuel injected and supercharged.


The transmission has TRD Close ratio gears and quick shifter-no granny first


The standard rack would be 3.9 turns this is the quick rack at 2.2 turns.


Alloy hubs, lugnuts racing panasport wheels, alloy driveshaft, special lightweight spec frame, etc.


Having been rear ended in a 7 I can tell you the peace of mind in Fuel cells.


Yes it was a great deal at $7500-bought sight unseen, great risk=wonderful result.


I finished the car in Speedways Racing Satin Green-added the RAF WW2 Roundrels, it has full touring hard and soft tops.


I'll be firm with this price point.


Kevin Kearney


301 229 8820


I'll post pictures as soon as I can figure out how-within 20 hours

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Drove the car at speed, strong-But even with over $2000 in TRD parts in the tranny-no syncro in 4th-just crash-otherwise nice, good ratios. will need to take tranny out and check-make me an offer before I start teardown next week.

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Joe, I put it in race-cars.com for 33K so there are more pictures there-I have sold two sevens with them over the years-If you need more write me direct at lotusman1951@yahoo.com and I can send them to your email. Its together and functioning but still under break in and I am waiting for a dumb fuel filter kit as I broke a sealing Oring



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Thrill is gone.


The Fury is everything I hoped it could be-I have 900 mile on it, anything that needed sorting was sorted.


I have had 4 Sevens-and what makes this car different-is the comfort level-the wind BLAST is not there, the heat intrusion is way less, the power is different with the supercharger-its a bit of a MAD-MAX engagement-its an adjustable engagement on manifold pressure-so when it comes on it COMES ON-neat. The body squeeks a bit, and I have never installed the tops or side windows.


After my ultimate DSK 7-YBM cossie-I "gave up"-and then this car popped up-when I had just sold my trawler and needed something to do with my mechanical doodling as an alternate to stopping a 50 year old boat from sinking-


It was a neat process-all the best stuff used-there were mistakes to be corrected in the Transmission and engine-but basically a clean project-and like a crossword puzzle-now done its done-and all I do is go to Cars and Coffees, show, tours, market-and I have been doing that for 45 years-enough.


It sold and I retracted the deal for 20K-at 200 miles-Its a very special car, A combo of a 7 and a 26-the engine is basically a improved BDR clone by Yamaha. Ford and Cosworth-claimed that Toyota and Yamaha-copied their work-but then agin there never wasa Supercharged BD engine.


So for best Offer over 20K ( the going rate for a 30 year old Caterham with a pushrod) -this basically new,legal rocket can be yours. I will ebay it next week.


Kevin 301 229 8820

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