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  1. will buy kevin 3012298820 lotusman1951@gmail.com
  2. I can do this if available kevin 301 229 8820 lotusman1951@gmail.com
  3. would like to buy 3012298820
  4. Been thinking about the second generation of Panoz roadsters as a next. Very little out there, 2300 pounds, 4 cam, 4 valve alloy V8, IRS, air conditioned. Strange and ugly like Allard J2s. I have been 7 less for a decade, went into Elises, run a lightened/cammed retired MGTD race car now-and thinking Panoz. I wonder if there are quirks with this choice, beyond, heat, noise and vibration, If anyone knows about the availability of SB1881 DSK7 frame with YBM-my search might sway away from Panoz. Thanks Kevin
  5. So many dreamers in lotusworld-thats the nature of the beast. So you you want to deal or dream-that is the question. If its rude -to suggest that a mid life less than edgy racy mobile, might entertain, a new rider in todays economic quagmire. for something less than advertised. WELL EXCUSE ME, for making a public offer-its not like anyone needs an impractical silly car for a real reason. its between me and the owner
  6. That was an offer, would prefer a car with right side exhaust, but made an offer, sight unseen, lotusman1951@gmail.com
  7. Wanted to Buy- Long time Lotus owner, now without. Presently with an MG TD race car, used on street, I got tired of searching for Series 1 7s with "blurred" histories, TDs have no such replication histories, and the ones with VW engines are clearly wrong from a distance. I find the engineering art of Chapman as a young man, engaging. If you can adjust your thinking to the evident depressing situation and seek a good home for your treasure, please communicate. Would also consider an SV, and DSK Prior LOTI Mk8 26R 45 Cortina, Elise Westfield S1 DSK Caterham 7 S2
  8. So I am in the outer limits of small fast things, been there for years, don't know better. I have the whole legal thing set, I live in Maryland where everything is cool. So if one were to venture into the world of classic Formula Vee race cars exactly which would be the , most wonderful of them all. So beyond a 7, the air cooled sound, I live along Washington DC parkways, have run tagged vintage race cars here for 30+ years 20 mile loops, so I need a classy Formula Vee to be a motorcycle alternate. Save me! Do Fvs have reverse? I need reverse. Kevin PS my last a
  9. Getting over the "loss" glad for it to have a home. Played with all the engine combinations motorcycle to pushrods. I hope you have fun with it. My DSK Cosworth was an ultimate for me. Keep the weight down, alloy what you put in, strive for 999 pounds and consider it art!, It's a bastard, but grace at under 1000 pounds is achievable.
  10. $6800 with 3 hours to go, Perhaps the 7777 number would work
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