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Gylo 16 - 11/11/18, 10:00am

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GYLO is 'Get Your Lotus Out', and we certainly welcome all type of Sevens as part of the family. GYLO will be held Sunday, 11/11/18, 10:00AM.


We will meet at the lower lot of Katie's (down the hill from The Old Brogue restaurant - 760 Walker Road in Great Falls Village - Great Falls, VA). The event will start at 10:00AM Eastern Standard Time. We're expecting a really good-weather day!


There will be the standard popular-vote 'Favorite Lotus' contest, with prizes. If all goes well, you should see a good number, and a good variety of Lotus cars and people.


Once the GYLO festivities dull down to a civilized roar, anyone who likes is welcome to come out with us to Quattro Goombah winery & brewery for lunch, about 45 minutes away. We will even have printed directions for a fun back-road drive out to Quattro Goombah.


We hope to see you all there!


--Bob Collum




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By any measure, GYLO 16 was a big success. Despite the cold - it was 28F at 9:30AM - we had a total of 18 Lotus at Katie's lower lot, with at least 30 Lotus people in attendance.

Gavin Slade and I both had our Caterhams there.


We have to give a special shout-out to the Yows - Caleb and Jessica brought their newest addition to the club, Zoey. Zoey might be a year away from driving her own Lotus. Another young addition to the club - Michael Ullman showcased the practicality of his Evora, by bringing daughter Hannah in her car seat in the back.

Two more outstanding attendees - Todd Howes and his wife drove their Esprit up from Hampton Roads, and we had a new member Tom Jones, who finished a brake job on the Elan he bought recently, and used the drive to GYLO from Reston as his test drive for the brakes. What dedication!


Once we finished giving out the prizes, several of us drove out to lunch at Quattro Goombah's in Aldie, VA. We met Tim & Jenn Glahn there - there were 11 of us Lotus people there for lunch!


A special thanks to Darryl from Odds & Ends Detailing, for providing the grand prize. Darryl is a great guy, and an excellent detailer!


Thanks to everyone who came out - we don't see everyone nearly enough, and it's great to catch up.


--Bob Collum







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