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1974 S4 Lotus 7

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Complete, original S4 Lotus 7 in very nice original unmolested condition. I bought this car for a project for myself a couple of months ago an now due to some unforeseen medical issues am posting it for sale and am looking to re-coup my investment in it. It is a twincam powered car on Webers and has not run in several years but the twincam spins freely and I see no reason why it will not start with some minor fettling. The interior is in decent, presentable condition and the car with some TLC, sweat equity, and nominal investment (battery, rubber items like master cylinders, tires, hoses, etc) should be able to be driven and enjoyed as-is. $12,500.00 and located in Akron, OH. chima97@aol.com or 330 807-0742

IMG_1240 (1).jpg

IMG_1241 (1).jpg

IMG_1237 (1).jpg


IMG_1243 (1).jpg


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Nice looking motor

Have you posted it on LS7 they have a few US members there are a couple of Carterham selling sites via marketplace on Facebook also Pistonheads.

Push comes to shove try Christopher Johns in Fl or Sevens Elans also in Fl

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Hope things are okay Craig -- Heck, one more year and I'll buy it... did you see Ned's SIV sold off SimpleSevens? I'd be happy to promote your car there, though I'd rather tidy it up and flip it for you in the spring :-) Shouldn't have bought my Triumph last summer, I'd pretty much have the cash on hand :-)


Does it have any weather gear at all?

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