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  1. Cant seem to say goodbye My daily was the cat but in Florida it was just to hot without a roof and A/C in but man did I look cool (until I had to get out of the car) Now me got a car with A/C and a roof..... although two days after taking delivery the A/C was out so now me got a car with a roof and no A/C Already having regrets
  2. Back to the trailer the wife is on my case so no reasonable offer refused
  3. No brakes 4pin Wife said no track days for a year
  4. Could not truck the trailer with the car so it is up for sale and the wife wants it gone so no reasonable offer refused. It is located in Plantation FL = (Road trip >sun > beaches > babes > trailer > Home) The trailer is in excellent Condition with less than 1500 miles (see photos of the tires) Only used it about 12 times to haul the caterham to the track. Has Upgraded 15" Ali Rims Factory Installed Lock out Fulton 3rd Wheel (you can push this with one hand & I was towing the car to the track using my kids 2017 Honda Civic) LED lighting
  5. OK the car was sold but it is still sitting at my house The guy cannot seem top get it moved from Fl to Ca on the trailer on a transporter any suggestions on companies that can undertake this This is the trailer (add the car on the trailer) https://www.alumaklm.com/6810h-6812h-tilt#standard-equipment
  6. https://www.trackdecals.com/collections/other-misc-decals/products/simplify-then-add-lightness-sticker
  7. This is a good place to research products https://www.autogeek.net/bupo.html I use a Porter Cable 7424 XP a 3" backing plate and various pads The caterham is small so you don't need a 6" pad I found the 3" easier to handle and gets into the hood vents
  8. Set of rims I saw this on Offerup don't know if they are of interest to anyone https://offerup.com/item/detail/1056964767?q=lotus&cid=5
  9. Reduced $150 (apparently the wife need more closest space)
  10. Used to install a lowered floor (and indispensable if you are going to attempt this) All in excellent condition The rivets are various different sizes $25+ 7shipping The Snap Rings and copper o-rings are a bonus as I cant use them and don't want to just bin them The Gear Wrench Ratcheting Tap and Die set in in as new condition $15 + $5 shipping
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