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  1. Just walked the track for an hour with the missus but no luck I found a place in the Netherlands that has a replica 36 bucks I was going to order one from Caterham as well (black) not the same but should match the cars finish
  2. Here is mine flying off I am going back to the track tomorrow as I kinda know where it flew off at the 0.12sec mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyh5u1LSXow
  3. At least the Ferrari missed me....just https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLx7XhLoFIk
  4. Great time at the track but seem to have lost the nose cone badge Any ideas on where to source one from?
  5. Check Out Zamp Helmets good pricing excellent quality
  6. OK I have the Caterham gauge and read the sender needs to match the gauge thats were I get confused I thought pop out to the local Nappa and get one for a ford Zetec
  7. That was one very enjoyable 30 minutes Understood the bloke perfectly
  8. https://www.usa7s.net/vb/archive/index.php/t-2083.html (replacement letters did not take me to the topic)
  9. Is there a specific "oil pressure sender" for the Zetec using a Caterham dial or can I use a standard Ford Zetec one? I did a Google search and there is a post on USA7s but that takes me to the old site (The thread is archived) Thanks
  10. The top lid is a tight squeeze to get to the rear bolts but it is off Still easier than getting that dam drain plug out (might have to get a skinny armed kid to get them back in) I have drained the oil best I can by jacking the rear of the car and using a high $$ Liquid Transfer tool from Harbor freight https://www.harborfreight.com/multi-use-transfer-pump-63144.html Which worked great, although there are a lot of gears in a small space so it took a few attempts stuffing the tube down into the case to insure I got to the bottom and retrieved as much oil as I coul
  11. Sorry Guys more dumb questions Is this a drain plug for the gear oil
  12. Now I am confused Burton says 1.9 John 1.6 BGH 1.25 If I construct a dip stick of sorts and mange to feed it down to the bottom of the case how high on the dipstick should I aim for? I assume if I went with 1.9ltrs it would be around 1"+/- from the bottom of the case and just enough to dribble out of the fill hole? That is the way I would judged the level if I had access to the fill hole.
  13. KK thank for all the advice will let you guys know how it turns out once the second ltr of oil turns up (Saturday) The gasket is another story, looks like my best option is to fabricate one as I cant find just the lid gasket Lastly is this screw securing the lid (there is only one) I have not seen this style before if it does need to be removed what tool do I need ?
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