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2001 Birkin S3

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I never thought this day would come, but it is time to sell my Birkin. I just don't get enough opportunities to drive it here on the North Olympic Peninsula. This is a 2001 BIY component built car with 23,000 miles. I've been its caretaker for over ten years, and upgraded nearly every system in the car. When initially tuned, it made 178 HP on the wheel dyno. Sadly, I've never tracked this amazing car.





ZX3 Zetec block

Ford Racing Head

Crower stage 3 cams

Eagle Rods

Probe 10:1 pistons

CFM 65mm billet throttle body

High output Bosh injectors

Raceline oil pan

Raceline water rail

Birkin sump guard

High output radiator fan

remote oil filter

Emerald K3 ECU



typical Ford T-9 box

Fidanza flywheel

Quaife ATB differential



Woody's radius rod rear end

Birkin wide front end kit

4 pot Outlaw brakes in front

.750 brake cylinder

Hawk brake pads



lowered floor sections

Birkin “competition” seats with padded inserts

5 point harnesses

removable steering wheel

Mirrorsforsevens wide mirror


The car has a full hood with side curtains and a half-hood (Birkini). I also have a spare wheel carrier and a bolt-on rear cargo rack that go with the car.


Potentially available, as well, is a 7x14 enclosed trailer with ramp gate and interior tie-downs.


20190420_150227_HDR.jpg20190420_150239_HDR.jpg20190420_150259_HDR.jpg20190420_150317_HDR.jpg20190420_150427_HDR.jpg20190420_150443_HDR.jpgtour start.JPGgrime.JPG

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Beautiful car (and great price)! And that's a lotta hp for a Zetec, but consistent with your mods. What is engine's redline? I'd love it if mine made that much power! Good luck with the sale. Ideal time of year to do so.

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Randall was gracious enough to let me drive this car when I was considering which route to go. It is an excellent car with all of the development issues resolved. The availability of the trailer is a real plus. It’s just the right size.

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