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I recently acquired a fully built Caterham after a few years of not having time to build my own.  Hence, I now have a surplus of parts that may be useful to some folks here.  Prefer local pick-up from the SW suburbs of Chicago on the larger items please.


  • Frame 1:  Book frame, fully welded with tunnel pieces tacked in place (I'm told set-up for bike engined build).  Minor surface rust from previous owner storing in an open building, cleans up well.  Rear section around fuel tank was not completed, no clips for suspension etc.  $300 obo.  SOLD.
  • Frame 2:  Unknown origin, appears to be to book dimensions.  Welds are not the tidiest (stick welded it would appear), but are for the most part good mechanically.  Has some clips and is more complete than frame one, but needs front suspension clips and steering rack mounts reworked, geometry was questionable.  $400 obo.  SOLD.
  • Front suspension arms, Toyota Celica based, includes upper and lower arms, spindle, rotor and caliper.  $100 pair.  SOLD.
  • GAZ shocks, all four corners.  120/085 and 140/095, unknown spring rates.  $350.  SOLD.
  • Fiberglass nosecone, yellow.  $150.  SOLD.
  • Fiberglass wheelarches, all four in yellow, one spare rear in grey primer.  $250.
  • Fiberglass scuttle, green.  $75.
  • Aluminum side panels, behind seat panel and hood, poorly made with non-folded/finished edges, good for roller or templates, fit yellow frame just fine.  $50.
  • Windshield glass and frame, no stays.  $150.
  • Light housings.  $50.
  • Full set of KN Minator wheels, 14", 4x100.  New and never mounted, older tires that never rolled the stickers off.  $400 obo.
  • Steering wheel, Grant, leather, unknown model.  $50.
  • Pedal set, unknown brand.  $60.
  • Smiths gauges (speedo, tach), MGB?  Vintage look.  $75 for both.
  • Original (i.e. not rebuilt) 711M motor, turns by hand but not delved into much further.  $400.


Pictures to follow.

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Update for items sold.
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1 hour ago, Too Busy said:

What sort of deal would you make if I take the whole lot off your hands at once?


feel free to email me  tommy.samuels2@gmail.com



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711M engine still available?



Any sort of transmission available to go with it?

Found your post crossed to the Locost forum.

I know about what shipping can be done for.


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I have the  1986 Toyota Corolla engine transmission/drive shaft/rear end/gauges/ and more. It was a performance  built engine with less than 3000 miles on it. It was registered in Colorado. CA wanted the VIN of the donor car 4 builders ago. No problem in NV. Mega Squirt fried. Very hot engine in the Locost. I'm changing everything. 6K and like I said more. 

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To RichardSIA. I should have started from scratch.  I have 8K just in rebuilding the F20C engine and I haven't even looked at the Trans yet. My AEM ECU was 1700. I have an RX-7 first gen rear. S2000 gauges, The list goes on. I have 3000. in parts I bought that won't work. Getting quite a collection. A friend told me the perfect guy to do my exhaust but he wanted 8K so I'm doing that. I have a problem with the word Locost. I haven't found that to be totally honest. I go to Dayton quite a bit. Are you near there. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

You might update your post to show what remains.


I saw mention of an RX7 rear axle but do not see it listed


if you want to contact me directly use gordonb(at)uark(dot)edu

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I have tried to update the original post without success.  Shocks and springs are sold, everything else is still available.


I did not mention or list an RX-7 axle.  Someone else did though as this post unfolded.  The yellow frame listed here was fitted with a Celica rear axle, it sold before I listed here though.



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1 hour ago, gpalmer77 said:

I have tried to update the original post without success


I changed a setting. You should now have permissions to edit your original post.



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3 hours ago, Locofinn said:

How wide are the rear arches? 3 of them correct? I'm going to be in Downer Grove this weekend. Can Pick up. Thanks.


9.75" at the top / middle.  I am in Mokena, about 20-25 minutes down 355 from Downers.  I also work in Lisle (88 and 53 area) and will be there Friday if that helps......  I shoot straight down 355 to make my way home.

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