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  1. I have tried to update the original post without success. Shocks and springs are sold, everything else is still available. I did not mention or list an RX-7 axle. Someone else did though as this post unfolded. The yellow frame listed here was fitted with a Celica rear axle, it sold before I listed here though. Thanks.
  2. Just a heads-up, I've been trying to sell a set virtually identical to these at about half this price with no luck. Even on the MG forums. If you find a buyer, let me know and tell their friends.
  3. I recently acquired a fully built Caterham after a few years of not having time to build my own. Hence, I now have a surplus of parts that may be useful to some folks here. Prefer local pick-up from the SW suburbs of Chicago on the larger items please. Frame 1: Book frame, fully welded with tunnel pieces tacked in place (I'm told set-up for bike engined build). Minor surface rust from previous owner storing in an open building, cleans up well. Rear section around fuel tank was not completed, no clips for suspension etc. $300 obo. Frame 2: Unknown origin, appears to
  4. I was the lucky buyer, car is now in Mokena, SW of Chicago.
  5. Ha. This is my second 2-seater, also have a 99 M Coupe, also in track service. (We have a Yukon XL for the kids, and a motorhome.) I found it helped to buy my wife a ski-boat a few weeks before I got the Caterham. I have a picture of my wife sitting in it, I've told her I consider this evidence of her approval.
  6. Just a little run around town, still shaking everything down and getting used to driving it. Spent a few hours just looking through all the parts and documents too, there is a lot of awesome history all the way back to the original order being placed.
  7. I think that's the whole point, isn't it? Lol.
  8. Hello. After two stalled attempts at building a replica (5 kids, 50+ hour work weeks) I finally took the plunge and bought a complete one. I am officially the new owner of a 1993 Caterham 7 HPC, recently purchased from Sander in Atlanta - who by the way was an incredible seller, super helpful in every aspect. Two of my kids came with me last week and we trailered the car back to the south suburbs of Chicago. Eventually, this car will be placed back into track service, though I still hope to be able to drive it on the road occasionally. I'll be looking to add a cage before heading to the t
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