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S-2 radiator mounting.

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I need some help figuring out how to mount the radiator in my S-2 project. The bottom of the radiator has 2 inserts that align with the mounting clips on the frame. I have purchased the rubber mounting plugs from Dave Bean that fit into the holes in the clips. The rubber mounting plugs have threaded inserts that somehow must attach to the radiator. The radiator inserts look like they may have had a threaded stud in them. But if so, they are broken off. Assuming this is the case, I could drill out and replace the broken studs and thread the rubber mounting plugs into them. Is my analysis correct? Comments or suggestions appreciated!


IMG_2170 (5).JPG

IMG_2167 (5).JPG

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Bill,   My Lotus With the original radiator installed just as you described.  My rad has non threaded posts that come  off the bottom of the rad and I do not think they are removable.   They are about 3/4” long and accept the rubber insulators (not threaded) as it inserts into the frame.   Perhaps you can bond posts onto your rad?    From the photo it does not appear that you have much thread depth available to screw in new threaded posts.   Good luck.   Tim.  

Solder or braze on the posts might be a good way to go.  

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Mine is like Tim's - essentially rubber "top hat" shaped washers that fit within the brackets on the chassis, and that accept (non-threaded) posts that protrude from the bottom of the radiator.  I have it back together now, but will search for a picture.

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Thanks guys, Unfortunately, I no longer have the posts on the bottom of the radiator but at least the radiator is otherwise in good shape....boiled out and pressure tested. So rather than disturb the integrity of the radiator I think I will just attach the these fasteners with adhesive. The next question is which adhesive?IMG_2210.thumb.JPG.8f87570b24617f4b9a1d4aca6a042a83.JPGIMG_2212.thumb.JPG.e5b2c60536f4db0929772c028f60eb23.JPGive?

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