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  1. Quite jealous! I should have pistons this week, so hopefully will get things back together before it gets too hot and sticky to enjoy - but did get a nice ride in my Elan today, in between painting exhaust manifolds and cleaning intake manifolds. The weather looks nice the next few days, think I'll take it to work in honor of Ross's drive up the East Coast.
  2. If the various engine and machine shops I've been chatting with recently are right, anything for updating or modding combustion engines. These particular shops are the old school, mom-n-pop type shops and they have been surprisingly similar in their outlook, based on the fact that it is already getting hard to get many parts they could get easily just a year ago. Don't know whether their suppliers are amping them up, but they blame it entirely on recent and coming EPA changes, exacerbated by the Suez canal and Texas ice storm impacts. According to one of them, as an example, the reprogrammi
  3. Made a rig to reinstall my coil springs. Little by little getting things ready to get the Seven back together. These are what I believe to be the original 60s Armstrong dampers and springs, which all tested in spec. The vice grips are just to keep the compression hooks from slipping down the coils.
  4. That is excellent, thanks!
  5. Was just checking out this site and found it quite useful - a number of good articles and lots of good information, particularly for early Seven owners. Well done to Bill! I've encouraged him to join here, too. Henry
  6. Nice! And welcome!
  7. You make a good point. It really isn't that hard to imagine the Lucas/Lotus gods causing a plague of generator issues with bravado like that!
  8. 2 rebuilt and running smooth (bench tested as a motor, to bed in the brushes), and plenty of bits left over for the parts bin - though it is hard to imagine enough miles to burn through 2 generators. Next job, while waiting on pistons for engine rebuild, is getting the coil springs back on the dampers.
  9. A little puckered after that, I guess?!?
  10. No, these constant depression carbs have only 1 circuit (unless you count the cold start device) with metering of fuel delivery accomplished by the needle in relation to the jet. They are ingenious in their simplicity, but as a result adjustability is limited, and all the parts need to work together as designed or they can be very frustrating.
  11. The needles are having the impact you'd expect, given their profile. Move them relative to the jets (by either adjusting the needle height or by adjusting the jet height) and you'll get a change in initial richness. Once those are set, but profile does the rest as the piston rises and falls - and, in theory, the right profile allows more fuel at the same time the opening pistons allow more air, and you have relatively stable AFR across the range (assuming slow, smooth acceleration/cruise type conditions, not WOT). I think I have all that right! The challenge with these adjustabl
  12. Jet height changes should effect the entire range, I'd think, as relative relation of the needle and jet define initial mix - needle movement with the piston then adjusts with air flow. Lower jets should mean richer conditions throughout the range, higher jets would mean leaner. Though I certainly suspect the relative contribution of jet height is less up the range. The temp compensators and idle mix screws can contribute to lean-ness - I'd make sure the idle mix screws are seated fully, and I'd probably fully seat the temp compensators if I had any doubt about their working cond
  13. Runs well and plugs look ok? If nothing else is telling the lean tale I'd be leaning towards to tailpipe cause. If plugs are confirming the lean state, you might check the jet height. I know they aren't technically "adjustable", but if not set at the right height you can never get them dialed in correctly. But I'd think you'd notice that is running state.
  14. Engine, too. But you know that thing screams with 200hp!
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