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  1. As an added measure of safety I added the LED bulbs to my tail lights. The Thorpe PT675 lights are extremely difficult to find and would be ruined if the standard incandescent bulb overheated them. Of course the benefits of the LED lighting are also a consideration. I find the LED bulbs in the vintage assemblies to be a win win option. Thanks, Tim
  2. Calvin, The plywood was cut to fit snugly in the dollies. The plywood did not move at all when in place but could be easily lifted in and out if needed. Also, this configuration worked well but I went to the wheels in the dollies before engine drop in.
  3. Calvin, I actually used both jack stands and wheel dollies that I secured together with wood. Ultimately when I had the project on wheels I moved to just the dollies. The configuration below was actually very stable as long as the dollies are properly secured together. You can see versions of how I used the jack stands and the wheel dollies throughout my project build in the video provided.
  4. Bill, I would lean towards the JB Weld product. Be pretty generous with it. Good luck. Tim.
  5. Bill, My Lotus With the original radiator installed just as you described. My rad has non threaded posts that come off the bottom of the rad and I do not think they are removable. They are about 3/4” long and accept the rubber insulators (not threaded) as it inserts into the frame. Perhaps you can bond posts onto your rad? From the photo it does not appear that you have much thread depth available to screw in new threaded posts. Good luck. Tim. Solder or braze on the posts might be a good way to go.
  6. Thanks James! I am glad you got some pics I did not do as good of a job at that. Tim.
  7. I plan to make it to the C and C since it is an early start and I can adjust my schedule to accommodate. Hope to see many Sevens there.
  8. I will be in NH on Saturday and unable to join in. I would certainly be interested in meeting up in the future. Have fun, take pictures. Thanks, Tim
  9. I went to the Sudbury meet up on Saturday (10/02) and was the only Seven in attendance. I thought that I might see some of the local Seven folks there. My brother brought his TVR and we were the only two British cars. Good guys that showed interest in our cars but otherwise pretty lightly attended, when we were there anyway.
  10. James, I am in Westford if you are interested in connecting. I have a restored 1966 Lotus Seven. Tim
  11. Lotus Seven Restoration - YouTube
  12. Hi, I am seeking one Caterham 2 Gates Minilite style wheel to serve as my spare. What I have currently are 4 circa 1992 (I think) 14" with 4 X 4.25" pattern. Tires are 185/60-14 Goodyear Eagle NCT 2. If you have any wheels in this size that you want to part with please send me a PM. Thank you!! Tim
  13. These seats are left over from my project. If you have a need for them let me know. No rips or tears just a bit of dust and looks like a small water stain on the bottom, from long ago. Tag tells application. Open to offers. Thanks, Tim
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