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  1. I have been to several LOG events and would be planning to go to this one as well except it conflicts with our British Invasion weekend in Stowe VT. This is very unfortunate because we would prefer to do both.
  2. Awesome picture! Things that I recall from my reading/investigation when I began my Seven adventure; All Lotus Sevens delivered to the USA were considered to be a Lotus Seven America, LHD, clamshell fenders and fully assembled. Incidentally my car was UK delivery, a kit with clams. Tim
  3. Congrats on your purchase!
  4. I would be so excited to have this project to work on. Good luck!
  5. Jimmy, Great looking Caterham. Good luck! I would offer two thoughts to consider. Take your time and enjoy the process, it is so much fun and it is not a race. Also, the stands seem a bit high. For safety I would consider lowering them and perhaps connect the stands together (front to back) for more stability, especially if you are moving it around a bit. Anyway, just my thoughts. Good luck!! Tim
  6. Looks great! Brings back memories.
  7. If you have not already done so try RD Enterprises, they are in PA r.d. enterprises ltd. Home Page (rdent.com) Tim
  8. I actually dipped every rivet in a dab of silicone prior to inserting.
  9. @E55 Another resource for you is a deconstruction and rebuild series that had previously been available on Vimeo but is now on YouTube under Redux Garage. This is a complete disassembly and rebuild done in 13 episodes. Specifically in episode 3 he de-skins his car. I will not tell you how it all plays out but there are some twists and turns to his original plan. Hope you enjoy it, I have watched it a number of times over the years. The link below is to episode #1 Tim
  10. @vinman1 For the wiring loom you may want to consider British Wiring in Pennsylvania.
  11. @E55. I acquired the side panels and the rear panel from GMT racing in CT. I used local expertise for other pieces and I made the simpler ones. The side panels came formed but required some final fitting and the rear rounded area created. The back came as a flat piece so that was professionally fit up as well. I did all the riveting. I have not yet had the seam welded up because it is nicely overlapped, very clean and completely hid by the rear wheel arch and the tonneau cover. So not a huge priority at the moment. if your car body is in reasonably good shape I would want to retain it if at all possible. As was pointed out previously refilling of the existing chassis holes is an added bit of complexity. If you keep your body panels that will be very easy to refit and match up the holes. Clecos are very handy for the paneling process. Good luck. Tim Tim
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