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Front hub - like new + greased bearings


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Hey All,


I should have replaced things in twos.


I have a like new hub (with pressed bearing races), and I have my old semi hub with pressed bearing races. One of the threads is absolutely destroyed, which I found out after putting the rotor on and realizing it would not tighten. Maybe I stripped it taking it off, not sure.


So, I have an excellent deal for someone who wants to replace their front wheel bearings + a hub.


I have a new triumph to ford hub, photo below, along with packed bearings, new felt seals and axle grease + the old hub.


I've sank 250 easy into this, I'd take 150 for it, I'm just going to do the full spindle upgrade with the new bearings rather than sink another $100 or so into having a machine shop fix the stripped thread on the older hub. The price for me is getting to where I should just do the upgrade and have the peace of mind.


Shipping from NJ, or we can deliver along the I95 corridor up to Boston.


Any questions, feel free to ask.



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Just out of curiosity,  so I can get schooled on it..

The front bearing change Cat did, replacing the Spitfire parts, 3 burning questions:

1, are those sealed bearings and what cars are they used on?

2, can the upgrade bearings be pressed into Spitfire hubs?

3, Is the felt dust seal used?

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Hey Scotticus,


I hope this helps:

1. They're not sealed, so they need packing every 2 years or so from what I have read. Mine looked pretty shot so it was cheaper to just replace.


2. The upgrade bearings I am looking at cannot be pressed as there is a new, non tapered stub axle, which requires new hubs etc.

3. There is no felt dust seal on the new upgraded bearings (from my research)


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