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comparing doors between manufactures.


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Has anyone ever looked at, or documented the dimensions of doors for sevens?  I say 'sevens' with a small 'S'  as I'm talking across manufactures as well as any yearly generated model changes.  General design considerations are what I'm looking for.

EG: I've you could have them any way you wanted.... how would they be designed?

It's easy to see a couple 'sevens' appear to use the same windshield (or pretty damn close anyway) The frames and even the number and positions of top snaps appear similar.
I realize there will be slight variations here and there. What I'm interested in is hinge spacings, heights above/below dash level, or window, solid/openable lower section yada yada yada.


I have set of doors that came with my 1993 Custer Rotus  (real Rotus, not rotary Locost). But I'm wondering about designs and variations, and even considering full up custom DIY route.


thoughts? previous threads here on this? flames? ideas? ... all are welcome.  tia


oh...and yes..... even have CAD, of a working 'hard panel' top, that can fold and fit in the boot!

side note..... not sure how many of the far east owners are here. There is a MASSIVE bike engine Cat and Seven scene there!



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