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2004 WCM Lotus 7 for sale

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Mel and Judi Kuipers

650 North Hawes Rd site 2829

Mesa Az 85207

1 (406) 223-1515



6-4-24                                WCM Lotus 7 History and Specs


My WCM Ultralite Lotus 7 S2K, was developed as a kit car, by World Class Motorsports (WCM) in 2004.  WCM only made 50-100 of these cars.  They are a bit wider than other kits, which accommodates larger drivers.  Jerry Edden of Missouri, was the first owner, and did the construction. The drive train is a 2003 Honda S2K engine and 6 speed transmission, delivering 240 hp, with a 9000 rev limit.  The engine at the time of the build had 1175 miles on it.  The differential is a Subaru WRX limited slip differential.  Jerry made very few modifications to the original kit.  The car was written up in September 2005 issue of Kit Car Magazine, being featured on the cover.  A copy of that magazine will convey to any future owner of the car.  The article contains the test data from a drag strip where Jerry turned a 12.69 quarter mile run, on street tires. 


I bought the Lotus from Jerry in August 2017, and modified the car in a number of ways:

1.       The steering wheel was raised 3” from below the dash, to through the dash. At 6.4 and 250 pounds, I needed the extra room for knee movement.  It now fits me perfectly.

2.       The dashboard was a padded one, and was replaced with brushed aluminum.  That gives a more race car appearance and also allowed for moving the oil pressure and temperature gages to a more visible area after the steering wheel relocation.

3.       I purchased 4 steel 15” wheels and spacers for the Lotus.  They are 8” wide and specifically accommodate Hoosier racing tires.  They go with the Lotus.

4.       A four place draft vent was installed in front of the passenger compartment, and right behind the headers.  This vent system significantly lowers the temperature in the car.

5.       The 16 gallon aluminum gas tank the width of the trunk, was replaced with an 8 gallon plastic fuel cell mounted on the passenger side of the trunk.  That significantly reduced weight, shifted the weight to the right side (off setting some drivers weight on the left side).  Since my primary use of the car is autocross, excess fuel storage was not important. 

6.       A quieter muffler was added to comply with SCCA rules, and help avoid being too loud for neighbors of autocross venues.

7.       There was a slight valve cover rub on the fiberglass hood.  To fix that, Cadillac engine mounts were installed, which lowered the engine by 3/8 inch.  That stopped the rubbing.

8.       The interior of the trunk was thin wood and plastic coated cardboard.  Neither of them were effective or durable.  Those surfaces were rebuilt in thin aluminum.

9.       Front brake pads and shocks were replaced in 2023.

10.   A Miata MX-5 sway bar was installed on the front in 2022. That all but eliminated lifting of the rear right wheel, on a hard right turn. While auto crossing, there is no understeer, and over steer only happens when trail braking.  The car is amazingly well balanced.

11.   The bug eyed headlights were replaced with LED lights.  That saved weight, and made the car still comply with street legal requirements.

12.   All normal maintenance was performed.  Since I have only autocrossed it about 200 miles a year since 2017, there was limited oil wear.  The odometer has about 12600 miles on it at this time.

13.   Also available with the car is a 7x14 foot enclosed Haulmark trailer, for trailering the car to events.  I modified the rear entry to better accommodate a wide car like the Lotus.  I also added an electric winch to open and close the rear door.  The trailer will first be offered to anyone buying the car.  If that buyer does not want the trailer, I will sell the trailer separately. The trailer comes with a 2 5/16" ball, load leveler hitch.  It is wired for brakes, and the tires were new in 2020.  They have less than 2k miles of wear on them.

14.   The Lotus is currently living in Livingston Mt in a fellow autocrossers shop.  I reside in Mesa Az, and fly to Mt to race.  I have driven an F1 car at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway), and this car is every bit as much fun to driven as the F1 car was.


Asking price is $25k for the car and $5k for the trailer.  If this might check a box on your list, give me a call or text or email.  Let's talk.


Owning and driving this car has been a fun dream come true.  Now I am 74, and getting in and out of the car is becoming more difficult.  So I am in no rush to sell the Lotus, but it is time to move on to my next adventure.




Mel Kuipers











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Does anyone know what these usually weigh? I love the idea of a 9k. NA motor in a 7.


What are the suspension and brake details? 

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Fully dressed/equipped is supposed to be about 1240 lbs. Fiero/chevette spindles (a great choice), aftermarket/racing brakes, and subaru irs components. No "bad" parts imho.

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On 6/6/2024 at 2:46 AM, TBone1209 said:

Does anyone know what these usually weigh? I love the idea of a 9k. NA motor in a 7.


What are the suspension and brake details? 

The records from the builder, was about 1400 lbs, which I assume included him in it.  

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