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  1. Has anyone heard anything about this one. Great idea... if it actually works. Jogoswall Automatic Fire Extinguisher,Fire Extinguisher Car,Small Fire Extinguisher,0.24lbs,Car Fire Extinguisher,clean agent fire extinguishers (CAR,SUV,TRUCK) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095S3L4GT/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_2PYC75837X7JY8NBSPBY
  2. Congrats! Lovely car. Just a thought. I have a heater and Brooklands in my book built. The heater works quite well in as much as it puts out a fair amount of volume and heat. With that said, it doesn't really help a great deal at elevated speeds or highway jaunts. What I found works best- is simpler, cheaper and with less weight is a good 12v electric motorcycle jacket liner. First Gear makes a decent selection. Just a thought.
  3. Not sure if this is already known but just discovered this great vendor (in the Netherlands) of electrical connectors and other assorted electrical ware. https://www.rdae.nl/
  4. I wouldn't jump to repaint unless absolutely necessary. Much can be accomplished by giving it to a good detailer. I purchased a classic that had paint that looked like asphalt. Wet sanded and buffed and came out great. By no means perfect but it looked great from 5-10 ft
  5. Shame. She lived a hell of a life in a hell of a time and place. May she rest in peace...
  6. NMNA... Stalker kit https://www.racingjunk.com/other/184208365/Stalker-AXR-Roller-with-many-extras.html
  7. All that time that could have been better spent driving!
  8. Looks like a neat build. I've got a Lima powered (turbo'd) Haynes book built so I've done a little research on the guys that specialize in performance parts. Those Esslinger parts aren't cheap.. Especially that head! The other place that's quite helpful is Bopart. Super nice and willing to help. There's also a couple forums where you can find out much more on the motors and mods. The motors are tough, if a bit heavy and though yours sounds NA, I know the turbo versions can take big boost on the stock bottom ends. Best of luck with your 7! Mine is also my first and it's been an absolute blast and fun learning experience.
  9. I saw them running at the Velocity Invitational a couple weeks back. They ran a few laps of Laguna for the final. Pretty fun watching them wring them out on on the straight.
  10. Just spoke with Ultrashield about the spec Miata seat they have. Pretty remarkable that they will customize it within bounds for little to no additional costs. Custom width for no additional costs. Move the harness holes up or down by an inch for no cost and potentially remove 3-4 inches from the top for free. Pretty amazing. I'll have to wait until January but everything has a wait time these days...
  11. I saw those after looking on the spec Miata sites. I believe that's the Rally seat? The only issue is shipping from the UK. Based on the dimensions they look to be a good fit for the 17.5" space I'm dealing with. I'll see if I can find a dealer stateside...
  12. @kayentaskier-that's fantastic! Given your size and the limited space that's definitely an interesting option. I'm 6ft and 185 so a "normal" seat is probably a lot easier for me... Especially on resale at some point. Thanks for the input.
  13. Yea, that's great for a track car but in most respects this is a nice looking street car and the idea was keeping it that way if possible. Pics added in earlier post because everyone likes pictures... Having said that, I agree, bead seats are great for track mobiles...
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