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Another Gathering of Colorado Se7ens


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Posting this here in case there is anyone in the area or passing through who is not on my Colorado Sevens mailing list.





From Jeff Ball at whose home the gathering will take place:


Tom's (Alaskossie) car is nearing completion and he has bought a one-way ticket from Anchorage to Denver and will be working on his car to finish final preparations for his early August drive to Anchorage via California, Monterey Historics, Oregon/Washington tour and beyond.


As a fitting sendoff, I'm planning a gathering of Seven and Seven-minded folks in addition to other gearheaded folks at my place.


Date: Saturday, July 24th

Time: 11am or so until late afternoon/early evening

Place: 1913 15th Avenue Greeley, CO 80631


Light food and beverages will be served and tap craft beers will be available as well.


I will also be showing the public debut of "Wannabe Seven's Identity Crisis." It's a powerpoint presentation I've composed for this event.


Bring your Sevens, Lotus cars, hot rods, muscle cars, etc and guests are welcome to come with you.


Please RSVP via email so that I can be well prepared for you as guests. jeffball@gorge.net



Cheers, Jeff


Note from Skip: That afternoon and evening is the Colorodans Car Club festival. Main street in Longmont will be officially open for Cruising for the first time in years. Some of us are planning on heading down there to see the cars after Jeff's Gathering. There is also a car show in Longmont on Sunday. More info on the cruise and show are here: http://www.timescall.com/entertainment/entertainment-story.asp?ID=22725

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Four Se7ens showed up today at Jeff Ball's home in Greeley, birthplace of Alaskossie's new ESL. All belong to members of this forum. Absent today was my Caterham due to aforementioned difficulties at the track yesterday. I showed up in the yellow Miata.


Although Jeff doesn't currently own a Se7en he has owned a number of them in the past including one of the thirteen Super 7 SS cars. He actually built two of the four cars shown in the photos, the yellow and BRG cars. We're working on him to get another one.


A number of friends stopped by and I think we really spurred one of them to get on with his dream of owning a Se7en. His wife was there and didn't seem opposed to his dream. I think he will be showing up soon on the forum.


Alaskossie is in town for the last time to ready his car for the big trip to S. California, up the coast to the Monterrey Classics and then on to Anchorage, Alaska a trip of nearly 5k miles.


The cars in the pictures are:

Yellow, 1975 Caterham with a Lotus Twin Cam engine belonging to Derek Walker (75twincam).

BRG with yellow nose band and stripe, 19XX Caterham with a Vauxhall Swindon twin cam engine belonging to Bob Simon (bsimon).

Red and polished Ali, 19XX Caterham with a 1,700cc crossflow engine belonging to Tom Sheng (7veloche).

Silver with C/F nose and fenders, 2007 ESL with a Cosworth Duratec engine owned by Tom Meacham (Alaskossie).

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Added a picture of the cars with the owners.
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