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I'm not new to the forum, but have never noticed that kansas is in the mountain region.


Where can I find these mountains at??


If anyone is near overland park ks, shoot me a pm. I've been considering getting a seven for a very long time, think I'm going to look alittle harder this year.

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I think there's an ultralite owner in KC. Maybe he'll volunteer to take you for a ride. I'm not too far away (Omaha) but don't have any specific plans to take the car to KC this year. If you happen to be coming here for some reason PM me.


Also, I met a locost owner at a show in KC last year that frequents locostusa.com. I'm terrible with names so you'll just have to search for KC owners or make a similar post on locostusa.com to find him. He might know of local events that have sevens and/or be willing to take you for a ride.

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