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I have decided after a year of debate to sell my Caterham. The chassis was purchased from Rocky Mountain Sports Cars and I did the assembly in early 2006. The engine and gearbox came from Caterham USA.


The car is a Roadsport standard sized S3 chassis, a 185HP Zetec SVT engine and 5 speed transmission. The interior has a quick release Momo steering wheel, cloth seats, carpet and heat insulation kit. Weather equipment includes a full top, top bag, heater and windscreen. Over the years I have added half doors, wind deflectors, half top, tonneau cover, wheel locks and radiator mesh grill. the tires are Falken Anzei RT 615 with ~6000 miles. Located 40 miles from St. Louis MO. Titled in Illinois as a 1965 Caterham 7. The car has ~13,000 miles. $34,000.


Contact me at mikeyguard2000-fidget@yahoo.com










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How in God's name did you get the Aluminium to look sooooooooo good? I've got an 82 Caterham and I've NEVER been able to get it to look anywhere near as pretty (handsome, whatever). What polish/technique(s) do you employ?


Thanks for some great pix!


Captain Zog

Command Post

Northern, CA

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The car is still for sale. Tony , I responded to your email about the title and engine origin paperwork from Caterham USA to the amicroinic.com address on August 22. I just resent it to that same address and the lotusowners email as well. Let me know if you don't receive it.



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Hello, Mike. I am new to the forum as of this morning, and I noticed that your car is in the STL region. Is it still for sale? I have been a "Seven-ista" since my college days in the late 1980's, and I am coming close to being able to buy one. I also saw that you had reduced your asking price to $31,000 a while back in August. Might it have gone any lower? I'm quite curious. Your car is stunning!!


Anyway, please let me know if it is still for sale, and I'd love to come and see it some time, as I'm on the MO side of the river.



Brian G.

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