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  1. Any one have any current experience/views or input on these models.
  2. Looks good, can you post the dyno stats? Thanks
  3. The Orange Exige driver was crap.
  4. Welcome great looking car its funny but the older I get the more I like leaving the body/outer look as it was and spending money making the car drive well .the patina is just wonderful. Polishing ally gets old too "black rags and fingernails" , wasn't that a Rod Stewart song?
  5. Bruce What is the clutch cable mod? Those old 7 ft cables used to enable left hand drive are s nitemare
  6. Thanks Wayne. Dean, I have to agree about Costco, when I have ordered really bulky heavy items from them they have used private freight movers, the service was always great with no delivery fee, and if you don t want it they pick it up for free. I found a bigger one by Husky at Home Depot .com, cheaper with $5.00 delivery.
  7. WAyne csn you post pics thNks
  8. Any body try the Harbor Freight brand drawer cabinets on wheels? Thanks Damn,no local store so $160 for a little 30 " tool cart and $100.00 to ship, think I will pass.
  9. I have owned a 2004 XJ from new, most reliable and classy car I have owned. On the other hand I have a F Type V8 S, great fun but the fit and finish is abysmal for a $112000 car, in fact, most any car.
  10. The Bimbo car looks like it escaped from a children's book.
  11. I see Vespa made a car I did not know that
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