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  1. Think I’m going to safety wire mine!
  2. Steve - thanks, but two quills are in transit from the UK as I type. Just one more slightly silly purchase to add to the list. Seems to come with the territory. Interestingly, the shipping from the UK was the same as what Pierce Manifold charged to ship some gaskets for my Webers from CA. Steve
  3. 1962 Seven https://www.vscda.org/classified/ You’ll need to scroll down the page to get to it. Not much info, and judging from the front suspension it’s quite a way from it’s 1962 incarnation.
  4. Anker - The speedo drive fitting on the trans isn’t open to the inside, so the other half isn’t in the trans. The drive kept spinning, so I think it eventually just worked it’s way out.
  5. The other half was in the transmission, and disappeared. I’m probably going to bite the bullet and buy it.
  6. Can you go out the bottom? You would have to jack up the front of the car, or even put it on 4 jack stands, but it seems like it would be doable.
  7. I seem to have snapped the quill in my angle drive for the speedo. The drive itself seems fine, but from what I can tell the quill snapped in two. I’m having trouble bringing myself to pay $10.00 for one, plus shipping from the UK. https://caterhamparts.co.uk/clutch-cables/2443-quill-angle-drive-square-end.html Realize it’s a long shot, but anyone have a spare? Steve
  8. I'm the second owner of my 1998 Seven. It was the personal Seven of one of the founders of Rocky Mountain Sports Car, and then became the "dealer demo" car for RMSCI. I purchased it in January of 2005, and it had 7,850 miles on it. It now has 41,835, so I've put on 33,985 miles in 16 years. So, right around the average of 2,000 miles a year. But, sadly it's been barely driven at all the last 3 years, and driven less in general over the last 6-7 since the purchase of my Mallock. I poked around in some old paperwork, and found a state inspection from 3/25/08
  9. Fantastic!! Looks like one super quick Series One. Quintessentially English.
  10. Thank you! 🙂 It’s surprisingly different from my Caterham.
  11. 186 photos on the linked site, and not one of the inboard suspension! Seems to be S3 size, which makes the inboard suspension more of a challenge. There was a conversion kit made by Freestyle, but don’t believe it’s been available for a long time. The front upper A arms look CSRish. Wonder if Arch modified the location of the front suspension attachment points? Seems like the only thing left from the 1996 is the registration plate. There is a picture of the Caterham invoice for the wheels on the website. I actually like the build, but not a fan of the color scheme.
  12. It’s 12.5 hours from St. Louis, so a few hours less than NJMP. And like the idea of something in Nov-Dec timeframe. No guarantees, but interested. Steve
  13. ‘17 Jeep Grand Cherokee, purchased primarily so it could also be my tow vehicle. I’ve been surprised at how much I enjoy driving it, particularly since my previous daily was a Mini. .
  14. It is (was?) a popular modification in the UK. I think the approach you describe was the most common and popular. A search on Blatchat should provide lots of info. Regarding why keep the option to remount, while I haven’t done it (yet), I have clamshells and think it looks “classic” with the spare tire. But having it removable would provide more flexibility, and look better for track day photos. Steve
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