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  1. bball7754


    I’m pretty sure everyone on this site reads BAT daily, but for those few who don’t or have missed this article: https://bringatrailer.com/2021/07/26/event-coverage-the-huntsville-cyclekart-grand-prix/ The first video is excellent, and gives a great presentation of the types of personalities drawn to CycleKarts. Seems to me they would fit in fairly well with Seven owners. 😊 Stev
  2. As the owner of a Crossflow powered 1998 Caterham, I found this interesting. But I wonder if someone whose “base” is something like a 620R would feel the same way after driving an older, Crossflow Seven. https://www.goodwood.com/grr/road/news/2021/7/new-vs.-old-caterham--which-is-best--thank-frankel-its-friday/ Steve
  3. Believe the caps are supplied to Caterham by Mocal. I lost my cap, and was able to get a replacement from British American Transfer. They have the Mocal literature on their site, which includes all the dimensions. I think Caterham uses the Aero 300. https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/e112be6e/files/uploaded/cap.pdf Steve
  4. Wasn’t clear in my post. What I meant was that when I saw the Dare on BAT, I wondered if Mike would include it. Then came here and saw that he had.
  5. Was wondering if you would include the Dare on BAT.☺️
  6. I agree with John. Believe it’s “unpressurized” because it vents to an open catch tank. I think of a pressurized system as onethat is completely closed, including the overflow/expansion tank. With the open tank, you’re dependent on the cooling of the engine and (I think) resulting decrease in pressure to suck the coolant back into the system. So, it is important that the tube extend to the bottom of tank, otherwise it won’t suck the coolant back in. Not that it always does regardless.🙂
  7. Oh, and it does look great! Pulling the fenders, etc. is the way to go, in my opinion.
  8. I would be concerned that the sealant would not appreciably prevent the aluminum from dulling, but would/could make a repolish substantially more difficult. But I haven’t researched repolishing sealed aluminum, so could be way off base. Steve
  9. I have to confess that for me this thread has become the equivalent of a daily soap opera episode. Lots of twists and turns in the plot, characters fading away then making a comeback, new villains appearing. ☺️
  10. On my 1998 Cat, it just pulls off. No fasteners, it’s just a pressure fit. One caveat. My Cat has no carpeting on the tunnel walls, so not sure if that would change how the tunnel cover is attached. Steve
  11. Nice!! I’m on BAT all the time, so looking forward to seeing it there.
  12. Mike - great article, but what piqued my curiosity were your comments about driving cross country, and your 50 year old car leaking on Tom’s driveway. Did I miss a post about this trip? 😊 Steve
  13. And polishing one car wasn’t enough, so I bought a second that I could also polish.🙂
  14. Mike - You’re making me blush.🙂 And tbh, I’ve never been totally happy with my polishing. More haze than I’d like. But to answer the original question. First, I don’t think you want to polish it by hand. If nothing else, get a HF random orbit sander, and get a polishing pad for it. The first few times I polished, I used Mother’s with a Porter Cable random orbit polisher. I used pads from Auto Zone, and just used pressure to keep the pad in place. Not ideal, but it worked. After the first few years of that (I do an annual polish, usually for an auto show
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