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2005 USA2005 tour photos

2005 USA2005 tour photos

~55 se7ens from the UK, US, and Dubai converged on the US in 2005 for a 4000 mile tour across the Western US. Here is just a sampling of the Vail to San Francisco leg.

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@VovchandrAll it takes are a few people willing to invest the time necessary to handle the myriad of logistics and a sufficient number of people with se7ens who are willing to commit the time and money to attend; both of which are easier said than done.  Speaking from experience, odds and planning difficulty are inversely proportional to the number of cars committing.  Biggest tour I planned spanned 5 nights and 4 driving days with 9 cars committing and 2 dropping out at the last minute.  I can't imagine the effort required for anything bigger.  Something at the USA2005 scale is off the charts difficult.  

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On 2/6/2022 at 5:59 PM, Vovchandr said:

Great shots. What are the odds of another one ever happening?


Why don't you organize one Vlad?  How hard could it be?

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