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  1. Embedded the above pic: http://www.jhamlinx2.com/Lets_Start_Over_files/shapeimage_3.png
  2. Thanks, but it's car that makes it easy, not my driving...
  3. http://usa7s.com/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=4950&stc=1&d=1366037550
  4. Congratulations! Enjoy building it. And the CR500s are peachy in the rain.
  5. Stunning car! Good luck with the sale and looking forward to pics of the Stalker. And hope your back keeps getting better.
  6. Looks awesome! :up: Can't wait to get ours...
  7. Michael, since it's been running well and the mis so reproducible, my guess would be a loose sensor or some of the ignition wiring... If the crank sensor is loose and hits a resonance at 4200 rpm, it may feed the ECU bogus data. If you have the software and cable, it may make sense having somebody look at what's happening as it misfires (i.e. passenger with a laptop)... If that's not it, maybe theres an intermittent connection loss somewhere in the ignition system, again aggravated by some resonance at 4200... Of course, I'm no expert in any of these things, so take this with heaps of sal
  8. For what it's worth, the original Zetec SS sales blurp I pulled out of the google cache stated max power at 6800 rpm. But, as you say, eventually the dyno will tell...
  9. Like many other jobs... I'll try to find out and put this on my list of things to do if the engine ever comes out. Thanks!
  10. Ah, so you bought the last set... ;-) CFM shows them as out of stock... How hard is the install? The only how-to I found was text only in two horribly long paragraphs. I fell asleep half way through...
  11. Hoefi, thanks a lot for all the info. Quicksilver *Engines*, ah... Just bookmarked their site. Excellent to know about the oil pump gear. I did set my soft cut at 7k and the hard cut at 7.3k. The soft cut works rather well (and sounds evil ;-)
  12. Dallas, thanks a lot for the VCT explanation. And you're correct, no bumps on my cover. As far as tuning is concerned, I have a line on a local shop that did a good job on a friend's 7. You bring the laptop and some basic knowledge on how the software works, they do the rest. That's what I'm working up to. Klasik - another friend had a silver-top Zetec with the rev limiter set to around 7.8k. After a while, it made more and more noise and then disintegrated. He cautioned me about revving them too high w/o a built bottom end and valve springs. The muffler and cat are often combined in
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