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  1. I don't know many of the answers, I should have asked more. He called me out of the blue after seeing the Toniq I had in SEMA about 7-8 years ago. He decided he wanted to buy one now. He is in Las Vegas and I told him as a favor I would see if there was some car for sale I could connect him with. He was willing to drive to look at a car if it was in SoCal, so not sure about cars located more than 6 hours away. Looks? He did not know what a Seven was. In our conversation and understanding his budget, I mentioned maybe a Polaris Slingshot as a good choice. He said no... he knows wha
  2. Hey folks, I got a call from an older gent named Delmar who is 71 and looking for a fun car that is rear wheel drive, lightweight, and can handle. His budget is about $30K. Based on a chat with him, I think a Seven clone of some sort would be perfect. He does not want flashy attention. He does not want attention from the local law enforcement. I told him a huge benefit of the Seven is the positive respect and responses it draws. Does anyone have anything that would be a good fit? Only doing this as a favor to the guy. p.s. He mentioned, the lighter the better and he likes bike e
  3. Hey, coming up for air. Been a busy time of it. Our road trip to LOG and back was epic. I need to do a write up and post pics. My business partner was supposed to drive the car from San Diego to LOG and then hand me the keys. That ended up not being able to happen. I am a bit sad we missed a good opportunity to showcase the car, but on the other side, we have more marketing opportunities in SoCal right now than we do in Chattanooga TN. We may have the car at SEMA. I still have to arrange getting the car back east and if I drive it or ship it. We are also planning on somehow get
  4. Joe (CSR with Sadev + RST engine) will be there, driving the Zenos E10s from San Diego. I will be there and take the Zenos back to Tennessee. Driving to LOG in a Mustang also.
  5. Hmm... may have to attend this.
  6. We did the Britishspeed Trip a few years ago and are doing another one in one month (Virginia/Atlanta to Colorado Springs and the back). It was (and is) based on the idea... a moving caravan, join where you want. This creates some challenges that can be overcome with good planning. Our first trip was great and I would recommend something like it and would certainly consider participating again. My suggestion for a trip again would be: Start at the southeast... Atlanta GA, pull in cars from NC, SC, FL. Drive to Tail of the Dragon. Gatlinburg TN. Oak Ridge TN. Tour museum. Bowli
  7. Hey Robert, sounds great. Here is our full itinerary. http://www.britishspeed.com/forum/showthread.php?8318-The-Epic-Britishspeed-2015-Roadtrip-to-LOG-and-back! You should meet up with Steve Brightman out of Dallas.
  8. I like the review of the Zenos vs the Caterham and think it was quite fair and spot on.
  9. We are finalizing our route. The Zenos will start in San Diego. But I am starting in Tennessee. A group of Lotus/Seven drivers will depart from Virginia and meet up in Chattanooga with a group from Atlanta. We are then heading to Birmingham, Barber Museum, Muscle Shoals, Tupelo MS, Texarkana, Amarillo, Cadillac Ranch, Tucumcari NM and meeting up with the west group (and the Zenos) in Taos. Then driving up the back roads to Colorado Springs and the Lotus Owners Gathering. The Zenos will depart from San Diego and head up thru the desert and 29 palms. Drive through Grand Canyon, Winslo
  10. Glad you got it sorted! This happened to me a couple years ago. Fortunately at lower speed.
  11. The plan now is to take the E10S on a cross country roadtrip this summer. We shall see how it works out. But certainly, hauling capacity is not going to be the Zenos' strong suit.
  12. Simple answer is no. This probably is not the best choice for long distance traveling with two people that need luggage. There are two "glovebox" compartments built into the cockpit tub. They are designed to house the removable steering wheel, but could be also used for bringing a change of clothes. And of course what you can fit in the center cubby. Which may work out to two thongs. Then there is the space behind the seats. I think you can fit two small duffle bags. This is now I traveled cross country in the Noble and Rossion. But then my partner was onbo
  13. http://www.evo.co.uk/reviews/15444/zenos-e10-s-review-price-specs-and-0-60-time Evo reviews the car, 4.5 stars from 0-5.
  14. Get better! I did T5 many years ago.
  15. We already have one Zenos sold in Texas and I am concerned of course about this. Strange to me that for all the perceptions of Texas being an individualistic red state, it has some interesting rules.
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