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  1. No track video yet. I am not a huge fan of standard in car video as I really enjoy watching the chassis respond. My original idea was to mount a rod to place a go-pro over and behind the car to hopefully capture the track and car movement. Now that "selfie sticks" have come into fashion... Kinda ruins my idea... Still may do it though.
  2. My mind was not on MANkinis when I commented... This has taken a very dark turn... Not that there is anything wrong with that... If thats your deal Since we are there... The question is... You can see my fire jacket... But not full race suit... Spoiler: Club and track rules require full pants and closed toes shoes... Settle down!
  3. Ha! Solid point. Think of the issued body work is ill fitting granny panties. After seeing the naked rear, I'm thinking thong or nothing at all!
  4. The supplied bodywork rubs with the suspension maxed out. I'm leaning toward bicycle style fenders front and rear. Still deciding on that.
  5. There was a pro-photographer at one of my track events. I finally had some time to upload and share a couple action shots! http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g156/subtlez28/M-spec/301V4533_zpsqvrbpu8i.jpg http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g156/subtlez28/M-spec/301V8852_zpss4wljqf6.jpg http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g156/subtlez28/M-spec/301V9052_zpsevx5ogaw.jpg
  6. I got back to the track today, and thanks to a smoother experience was able to get 11 runs (ironically) in in the 1st two hours! Thats good because after the sun goes down, so does grip. This time I ran 12, 10 and then 8 PSI in my 275/40/17 Drag Radials. I got more respectable 1.8XX 60' times and was rewarded with a bunch of 11 flats at 125 MPH. My best of the day was 11.040 @125.33 with a 1.845 60'. http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g156/subtlez28/M-spec/02593650-738F-469A-A019-C5D0F3603985_zpsaujqrxbr.jpg The little 7 must be intimidating, because a couple people red ligh
  7. Thanks for the kind words Kitcat! Yes, reliability has been a goal. The engine is pretty mild. Aftermarket rod bolts to hold it together, OEM LS9 cam, and heavy LS7 clutch. I could have saved some weight there but don't want to work on it unless it makes it faster! I went to go drag racing and discovered it does require front pad replacement. I guess slowing from the big straights at BHF and RA have taken their toll. The good news is the Wilwood pads are only $40 something and the Miata rotors are less than $20 a piece. And I'm still on my original (used) Hoosiers!! Cheap cons
  8. I got a nudge on another forum and it reminded me to update. Sorry for the low sleep rambling but basically I am getting faster on the Road Course, but no quicker in the 1/4 yet. I've been tracking the crap out of it, and neglecting the build thread. I'm more of a road course guy. I have set fast time of day at every timed event I have done this year! Simple less weight theory in action! My events have been at Blackhawk Farms mostly but one road race event at Milwaukee Mile. Fun track. I never raced it before for fear of concrete. Sadly two racers' cars fell victim to that
  9. The problem with a suspension seat in a Brunton, or any 7 for that matter is staying under the roll bar. I don't think I even have the room for sliders under my seat.
  10. I'm glad to see you getting back on the horse Shane! Obviously, we hope for a well documented (new?) build thread! Are you staying solid rear axle? Are you staying outboard coil overs or switching to the canti-lever front end? I'm kind of assuming you are keeping it with the same design to reuse as many parts as practical.
  11. Well done! I like the flat paint. I feel confident saying it will be even more exciting on track!
  12. Wow I love it! I was kicking around a similar idea for the future to get some serious top end. I didn't consider keeping the main body work, and adding on. Awesome!
  13. With the water it takes little effort, just give her some gas and let the clutch out in 2nd. Like Glen told me... 1st gear is just for putting it on the trailer.
  14. I may just have to add that extra shoulder bar you have on the new chassis, Shane. I like that idea! Are you keeping it otherwise the same? Same front suspension and rear axle?
  15. Found it! Get those DRs on there Mike! I have a pair of 275/40/17 Mickey Thompson's coming from Summit. We'll see how quick an LS3 Storker can go, or what the weak point is in the drive line (I have the IRS in mine). LOL I am currently running similar numbers to you for similar reasons (tire spin through 1/2 track). I had two good passes on a well prepped, warm track and dropped my 60' from 2.2s to a 1.8 (on 25.5 road race Hoosiers). That was good for a 11.4 @124. Then when the track cooled I was back in the 12s, all over the 12s dependent on how much tire spin. I attribute my
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