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  1. I built one a couple of years ago. The WSCC is definitely your best resource, but if yours is LHD, there are a few issues that they probably won't be a lot of help with. Westfield doesn't build enough LHD ones to really get all the kinks out. My build log is here, and I can probably still remember enough to help with a few of the issues you might encounter. Tom Manik was really helpful too. I hope you enjoy your build, and I can't wait to see the big smiles when you get it on the road.
  2. I don't know about the law in PA, but if you do need them, then a lot of 7's use the setup from the old Mini. It was used in a lot of British sports cars and is still easy to get from folks like Moss.
  3. We can just have calimoto lay out a route. It won't be smart enough to avoid apple picking traffic though. That's always an issue this time of year. It is pretty good at choosing twisties though. Here's a sample of the type of route it generates: https://calimoto.com/calimotour/r-abNGzjHQF9 What time do folks want to meet?
  4. I'm sure we can find somewhere to eat w/o a reservation. On previous drives we've had good luck with Johnson's in Groton or the Mountainside in Princeton.
  5. That sounds great. I just got back from a month driving around England in an enormous Citroen we nicknamed "the French Whale". I could really use some quality time in the 7.
  6. If it was a red Westfield with a black nose, it was probably me. I'm often going thru Carlisle. Some nice roads in Concord & Carlisle, plus good places for ice cream.
  7. Is there a metal supermarkets near you? I've found them really easy to work with. They stock pretty much everything and they'll usually cut any size you need.
  8. I love mine. The only issue is that when we're driving as a group in hilly terrain, I keep thinking to check for the person following at the top or the bottom of the hill. Can't see them then because that mirror really works best in the flat.
  9. MPG


    Reminds me of a story one of my professors told me years ago about a weekend trip to a Formula Ford race. On the way home on the highway, they were suddenly passed by their own car! It had fallen off the trailer. It was in gear. The magneto caught when the wheels hit the road and started the engine. They weren't sure whether to laugh or cry as they watched it go zooming off onto the median.
  10. As others have already said, your options are: Use a 3rd party controller like the megasquirt. Grab the ECU from the Miata and trim the wiring harness down. In my state (MA), option 1 wasn't really going to work w/o a "crusher car", so I did 2. Trimming the wiring harness down was a bit of a project. Even on an early NA, the ECU cares about a lot of different inputs. It looked something like this while I was doing mine. You'll want a good wiring diagram while you're culling. You can find them here.
  11. So did you vent the sides of your engine compartment? On my Westfield, the tunnel seems to be where all the air from the radiator ends up.
  12. I know Car Builder Solutions has them.
  13. Yes, that was probably me. I get to a couple a year. Always good to talk to a bunch of gearheads.
  14. Mass isn't really that bad, although it a bit involved and some of the steps aren't very clear. I wrote up my experiences registering my Westfield a couple of years ago here. Of course, there may have been some changes since then. I know the state changed contractors shortly after I went through. I expect the new guys have made some changes.
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