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  1. As others have already said, your options are: Use a 3rd party controller like the megasquirt. Grab the ECU from the Miata and trim the wiring harness down. In my state (MA), option 1 wasn't really going to work w/o a "crusher car", so I did 2. Trimming the wiring harness down was a bit of a project. Even on an early NA, the ECU cares about a lot of different inputs. It looked something like this while I was doing mine. You'll want a good wiring diagram while you're culling. You can find them here.
  2. So did you vent the sides of your engine compartment? On my Westfield, the tunnel seems to be where all the air from the radiator ends up.
  3. I know Car Builder Solutions has them.
  4. Yes, that was probably me. I get to a couple a year. Always good to talk to a bunch of gearheads.
  5. Mass isn't really that bad, although it a bit involved and some of the steps aren't very clear. I wrote up my experiences registering my Westfield a couple of years ago here. Of course, there may have been some changes since then. I know the state changed contractors shortly after I went through. I expect the new guys have made some changes.
  6. That looks great. Here's the rig I came up with for my Westfield. As you can see, the rollbar's doing a few jobs here. From left to right: GoPro Mount Extinguisher 3rd Brake Light GPS Antennae for the Data Logger I wrote up some of the details of the brake light installation here.
  7. Here's a link to a writeup of the process I went through last year with my Westfield. I do know that a few details have changed since then. The state changed contractors in October, and there were a few tweaks to the process at that time, but I believe it is still fairly similar.
  8. I also built the Westfield kit using an NA I had been driving for years. As Dan said, the kit comes with a frame and a-arms. It does use the miata's hubs. I wrote up some of my experiences here, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.
  9. I'm in MA and finished building a Westfield last year. Here's some posts about that project. The registration process was a bit involved, but my understanding is that NH is quite a bit easier. I've been very happy with the MX5 version because it's really easy to find parts and expertise. The MX5 Stalker might be a better choice in the US. I had a couple of rough spots with the Westfield kit about pretty much anything involving LHD and there are a couple of parts which can be hard to find over here. Building it was an awful lot of fun, and finally driving it this year was even more fun. I
  10. NVM, I missed the brooklands screen part.
  11. I would second the mirrors for sevens idea. I really love mine. It gives me a really wide view to the rear without blocking any of the view through the tiny windshield. You can see it in this video my son took, but you can't get a sense of the view because he was in the passenger's seat.
  12. MPG

    Saturday Blat

    Nice! The Blackberry River Baking Co. n North Canaan also does a really good corned beef hash. I was out there for the Historics, but we didn't take the seven because of the rain on Sunday.
  13. Didn't see this thread because I haven't been on much recently, but I'm guessing I'm probably the Westfield mentioned above. I'm in Lexington MA. I don't know about clubs, but I do know someone with a cat (I think the last one Chris T did) and someone with an S2. So I might be able to help with some questions. If you want to connect with more people who know the differences between the different types, I would suggest going out to Lime Rock for the historics in a couple of weeks. There'll be a lot in the parking lot and the owner's are all very friendly. Can't help you with anything about
  14. I know that orange car! Here it is in my driveway with its regular driver.
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