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  1. I've got a 2014 Caterham S3 chassis in Atlanta. Happy to let you come try the fitment. In my experience, the S3 is like a pair of skinny jeans and the SV is like a pair of baggy jeans. Both fit, but fit differently. IMO the SV is more livable because the toe box is a bit bigger and you get a few more inches of leg room. The most pronounced difference is I can drive the SV with normal tennis shoes on. In the S3 I had to find a pair of indoor wrestling shoes to get my feet on the pedals without mashing more than one pedal at a time. I'm 5' 10" ~175 lbs and the S3 fits like a glove.
  2. Hi all, hope everyone is off to a merry start to their holiday! Has anyone done anything to prevent scratches from the windshield stanchions? I seem to recall seeing a post on one of the 7s boards about small chips and scuffs from the windshield fittings rubbing on the sides where they mount, but can't find it. I've got the dual option, windshield and carbon aeroscreen, and to date have only used the aeroscreen. Since the weather is cooling down I've been debating on attaching the windshield and doors for the next few months, but don't want to find nicked paint when I pull the windshield
  3. +1 for Bruce. He's helped me tremendously the last couple months get my engine issues sorted and get me replacement parts quickly.
  4. VICTORY!!! I spent an hour with Steve this morning (he says hi Tom) and we've got the motor ticking along nicely at idle. Steve was incredibly nice and helpful. I was pretty close with the tuning I had before, but now I understand more about what the motor is doing and how the different settings all relate to each other. We bumped up the TPS voltage to 1.17V, and thereby opened the butterfly valve in the throttle body slightly more, to get the lambda to .90 at idle. We tuned the throttle index map up slightly to account for the higher voltage coming from the TPS and let it warm up. It runs gre
  5. Just traded emails with Steve; going to try to get a tuning session on Friday with him. Thanks for the idea!
  6. I'm overdue for an update so here goes... - I fixed the TPS direction. From SBD: Most of the Caterham/Cosworth throttle pots were wired backwards, so MBE created a piece of software to save all the cars from being rewired. Your throttle pot sounds as if it has been wired correctly. It is a simple case of reversing the throttle pot direction in the software, please ensure you are on the Advanced level, this is done by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen, a box will then appear and select Advanced. For those that come after me, the navigation to make the fix is: In Advanced mo
  7. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Love the color, but I'm biased. Mark's blog has a bunch of info on a starting problem he had. May be worth a read: https://csr175.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/diving-in-to-the-spaghetti/
  8. Well... I wish I had better news as the weather is wonderful out. Partly cloudy and 80 degrees with not too much humidity. Sadly, the car is still FUBAR. This past week the new 9A4b ECU from SBD Motorsports showed up with a barometric sensor. I got the ECU swapped this morning but something isn't right. The TPS and throttle site are inverted in the programming it looks like; the TPS reads 1.08V which is correct (I checked that on the stock 992 ECU this morning before the swap) but the throttle site is 13.5. When I move the throttle to full open, the voltage on the TPS goes up as it should
  9. Finally some good news! Davestruve came over on Saturday afternoon for a bit and helped try a few things and confirmed a couple other things were ok that I was worried about. 1) The smoke coming from the exhaust isn't coolant, which is what I was *REALLY* worried about. Instead, we arrived at the conclusion that it was just a lot of moisture burning off and the extra fuel in the exhaust burning off from my FUBAR'd attempt at changing the spark plugs several weeks ago. 2) We got the idle tuned using the idle screw on the throttle body to something healthy, it was around 1000rpm,
  10. LOL - great analogy, although I was always a Hardy Boys type of guy myself.
  11. I tried 2 different ones as I already had a spare on the shelf. Both read the same voltage so it's a fitment issue with this throttle body. It's like the butterfly valve, spring, and bracket are just a tiny bit off.
  12. No dice. I tried starting it this morning with the TPS unbolted and twisted to show .42V in Easimap and it did idle MUCH better than before. In fact, it's never idled better and have always been chasing a really bad idle so I think that's sort of fixed, assuming I can figure out how to mount the sensor right. I tried it both ways but the same problem persists - the problem is in the geometry of the whole thing. However, once it got to about 70C and I started giving it throttle it was letting out a bunch of smoke from the exhaust - which could just be stuff burning off because it hasn't really
  13. Thanks vstryker, I was afraid of that. The TPS sensor won't go below 1-1.2 V when it is lined up to bolt in. I tried it in both positions, same result. The ECU I'm on is the 992 and it's locked from Caterham so I can't adjust. So... I'm stuck. Guess I'm calling Caterham Monday. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I think I've stumbled onto something! I was drinking a bottle of wine this evening - trying to drown my sorrows no doubt - and searching through Blatchat when I stumbled onto a thread about TPS voltage. The dialog in the thread said you needed to be around .360-.420V - which is labeled as "Throttle Angle 1" in Easimap - to hit "Throttle Site 1" of 0.0. I distinctly remember earlier this week when I was resetting the TPS that I couldn't get it below "Throttle Site 1" of .5 and most of the time fluctuated between 1.0 and 1.5. I also noticed the TPS sensor itself has a lot of play between where i
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