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  1. 250 miles in the pouring rain from CT to the USA7s event in NJ. It took two days for my shoes to dry out. Minimal water intrusion from the top, maximal water intrusion through the footwell.
  2. Yes, that is me. At least it warmed up nicely. You can try my SV on for size, you won't have any trouble fitting.
  3. This one Neat car and looking forward to getting the cars out of the garage
  4. Thank you again for a fantastic event. The effort Mike @Croc and Tom @yellowss7 put into preparation and management during the event really shows. Their focus on ensuring the event is fun is what makes it so special. I have no trailer stories going home, I got to enjoy my 7 for a beautiful 5.5 hr cruise home yesterday. On the advice of Jeff @BlueBDA I took a route through Princeton and Mahwah. Completely avoids any built up areas in NJ/NYC so I had a really enjoyable drive
  5. Progress today that significantly ups my chances for NJMP. After moving coils around the car seemed to just run very poorly (and rich) at idle and ran slightly better with at higher RPM. I got new spark plugs because it was clear it was running rich but the results remained similar. A then while staring off into space I am looking at my car and voila - there is a hose under the inlet not going anywhere! Plug it in and the car now runs smoothly. Picture below shows the offending hose hooked back up from the PCV system. Just need to get a clamp to secure it (don't know if there was a clamp that popped off or if there was never one there) I don't think anyone said look for a vacuum leak Now I just need to sort out the throttle. Today actuating it cannot make it stick open but I need to be confident on that before I track the car. Not sure why it stuck and why it is not sticking. Pretty simple system and the cable seems to actuate very smoothly. If anything, it is in the physical pedal. And I also need to ensure this was the cause of the rapid RPM increases that occured. So the sequence of events: RPM rises uncontrollably (the first time is when i started the car when I was not even in it) I go for a drive and I have a second RPM rise that corrects itself after shutdown and a couple of restarts and the car runs fine Drive the car 2 mi to breakfast - no issues, car runs great Returning home RPM increases. Shut car down, restart the car and it runs very poorly. I assume the hose popped off at this time.
  6. Thanks. I realized that after I sent the post 😀. And easy to do.
  7. Thanks. I have not given up yet. But my time is limited and I need to make the engine run and more importantly make sure the throttle does not stick!
  8. Thank you all for the advice. Rosh Hashanah put a kink in my ability to work on the car. I plan to do troubleshooting tomorrow if work will cooperate. Hopefully none of my customers blow up one of their engines tonight making me busy tomorrow. I have not yet cancelled out of NJMP. Can I do that up to 48 hrs in advance without penalty (can’t seem to find the cancellation policy). On the other hand I saw there was a limit to the number who can register so I don’t want to block someone from registering if we are at the limit. I have never troubleshot a coil on plug ignition system. How do you verify if an individual coil is bad? For the TPS that woul just be a linear potentiometer in the 0-5 V range? For the CPS where is typically located on a 2.0 duratec and how is it tested?
  9. After doing all my prep for the USA7s event at NJMP I now have a major engine issue. As you can see and hear from the video the engine is not idling well and my number 4 cylinder is cold. I suspect valve damage. I am double annoyed, I will likely have to pass on NJMP because I don't have time to straighten this out, and I may have been able to prevent it The background: After working on the car, I went to start it up and the revs shot up so I turned off the car. I was not inside the car so I could not have been touching the gas pedal. I then operated the throttle at the engine and there were no anomalies noted. Based on it happening with no apparent actuation of the throttle I suspected some sort of sensor issue. I had done no work in the area of the throttle or the pedals - brake flush, oil change, check nuts and bolts for tightness, put on a Newton gas cap and some cleaning. I then went on a drive and the revs shot up again. I only noted 5-6000 on the tach from a quick glance. I could not tell if the throttle was stuck but I shut the car down as fast as I could. Upon restart it was running as in the video and I drove the 1/2 mile home. I checked the throttle and it works fine at the engine but when I actuated the pedal about 1 in 10 times it stuck. Ugh. I suspect I over revved the engine damaging a valve. I will need a compression test, any other areas I should be checking? Caterham 7 misfire (1).mov
  10. Thanks. I will see if I can get the Braille I ordered to work.
  11. That looks nice. So far a home depot and a local hardware store have not realized much in the way of AL stock. I did pick up some angle Al that I may use Thank you
  12. I did a search and did not find any nearby, thank you for the suggestion
  13. I was thinking exactly that solution. Yesterday I went to Home Depot but their metal selection was pitiful (the whole store seemed bare!). I purchased a piece of 1”x1” angle AL and 1/4” some threaded rod. I did not event try to look for bolts that long but they look cleaner and may take another look.
  14. I think I will order up the Braille tie down, I think I can make it work
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