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  1. The next drive is Sunday 8 August going from Lime Rock down to a vehicle storage place in Canaan called Wheels of Time. Not familiar with it but should be a nice drive. I will PM you the contact info
  2. Not quite a 7, but it uses a lot of 7 parts. A Lotus 11 replica made with Caterham front and rear suspension, brakes and wiring. Lotus twin cam engine: https://vintageracecarsales.com/portfolio/lotus-eleven-replica/
  3. This appears to be a car built by George Alderman of Mid Atlantic Caterham. I test drove this car in 2016 when it was still in his shop and I bought the other car he had, a SV with a Duratec. The great news is George builds a great car, mine has been very reliable and you can have confidence that is was professionally built. The pics are from July 2016 when the car was still "new" (my car is a 2009 kit built in 2013).
  4. My car has the mirrors mounted to the doors. I added this solution and I highly recommend it. Available from https://www.mirrorsforsevens.com/index.htm. It just clips on to the windshield frame and it does not even interfere with the top.
  5. Congrats and good luck. I lived in Ann Arbor for six years and two degrees many moons ago. Great town but the roads are boring until you go well north. But they did build Mcity to test "interconnected vehicles". Looks like a perfect track for the 7 and right in town Since they have an Automotive Engineering department check around as we had a lot of car nuts and associated activities when I was there.
  6. This would be a test of my driving endurance in the 7. I only have to drive 4 hrs to NJMP (in the pouring rain last year) but 12.5 hrs to CMS may require a tow
  7. Just over 90 minutes from me so I am interested. Thanks
  8. Here is the solution for the bottom fasteners on my car. Washers welded to the dzus fasteners make it really easy to unlatch.
  9. Are you coming to the Litchfield drive tomorrow? You can look at the installation in my car. It uses a oil filter bypass adapter and an oil cooler in front of the radiator.
  10. I followed up with the person who runs a Cayman prepped by Speedsport Tuning in Danbury. He highly recommends them so they could be a viable solution for you.
  11. I agree with Seb. A couple of more ideas that I have heard positive things about but I have never used them so I cannot Directly confirm are - Speedsport tuning - they prepped one of the cars I autox against. I can find out on Saturday if they are recommended They are in Danbury which is in the area - Musante Motorsports in S Windsor. They do a lot of Porsche track prep. I see they have a division called ECS tuning. Nice shop, I have not used them but I believe their rep is good.
  12. Thanks, I just asked wemtd about the pricing because I thought it was much higher than previous. Now I can go back and update my registration for the correct type and better rate. I did not realize I could not see actual member pricing. Thanks!
  13. I just enrolled and did not get a late fee so it appears resolved.
  14. Note Sunday is the Sunday in the Park Concours and Gathering. Lime Rock never has racing on Sunday per the local regulations. There is planned to be a Lotus parking/display area at the event. I may be going away that weekend but if our plans change I will go. Here is the info from Lime Rock: [h=4]SUNDAY IN THE PARK - GATHERING OF THE MARQUES:[/h]Gathering of the Marques is incredibly diverse; literally hundreds of cars lining the track, grouped by make, model or country of origin. We invite you to bring your Shelby, BMW, Corvette, Jaguars, MGs...Aston, Rolls or Loti..., Porsch, Peugeot or
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