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  1. Thanks! I just try to behave how I'd like other to. It's currently in NY. Come see it and buy it.
  2. Took some pictures yesterday, will try to add link to original post. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pra5ha9jo8e6aep/AADlIwWT5eAcjoJD6dbp-b47a?dl=0
  3. About a month away from winter storage. I'd rather sell her than store her...
  4. 2015 LS1 Brunton Stalker - NY - Listed on Bring-A-Trailer MORE PICTURES HERE New project has taken up garage space, and we have a "1 toy" rule in this house. Happy to answer any questions. Basic specs: -Brunton Super Stalker chassis (Full "T-Bar" cage) -Engine - LS1 V8 pulled from a Camaro with ~50k miles. Went over and "refreshed" by a local shop before installation in the stalker. Custom ground cam, put out a conservative 380whp on a notoriously heart breaking dyno (yeah, I know, that's what they all say). -Transmission - T56 6sp -Brakes - Disks all around: Power
  5. I'm confused, are you stating you have one for sale? $25k? Is there a link to the ad? Please let me know.
  6. It's Maya Green, I can see if the color code is in the build book tonight.
  7. 2003 Superformance S1 - NY I've been on the fence regarding selling the car. I've had it for a year, and it's a blast! I have autoX-ed it a few times and I want to do more track/autoX, which would mean adding a cage, and stripping out some of the "comfort" features, and changing the body. This car is an AMAZING road car, with the removable roof, etc. So rather than tear it apart, I think I'll sell, and buy something either ready to race, or that's less sacrilege to tear apart. A lot of the description below is from the post last year, with some of my own edits, etc. Less tha
  8. Great car, well cared for, etc. Free bump, someone snatch this thing up!!
  9. Picked up the car Sunday. Simon was a pleasure to do business with. Drove it the 140miles home. Great car, possibly the best built 7 I've seen (fit & finish). Needs some touches here or there, but overall, amazing.
  10. Hey guys, Not my place to say it, I know, ...but sale pending on Simon's car (inspection complete, deposit down). Can't wait to bring her home. -JM
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