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  1. Have you considered a V8 Stalker? Truly ridiculous power without too much of a weight penalty
  2. Hi Folks, I have discovered a fair bit of play between the steering arm and the knuckle on my stalker. It looks like are only attached on the ball joint knuckle so I cant just tighten the nut. The play is on both sides and is greatest on the left side. Is this a known issue and are there any suggested fixes?
  3. Looking forward to seeing it running. Out of curiosity did you consider the RST or Hartley V8s as engine options?
  4. Rear is just too stiff and bounces around. Need to play with spring rates and shocks.
  5. Great seeing you yesterday. Some video from my stalker. Needs a faster steering rack and better rear suspension.
  6. Schroth enduros are my fav harnesses. Much faster to put on and take off than any other set o have used. Fia and sfi rated
  7. I’d be happy to volunteer my V8 stalker up in NorCal. Just waiting on the final BAR sticker to get it street legal
  8. New T-shirt from blipshift that is perfect for V8 Stalker owners https://www.blipshift.com/products/simplify-and-add-ls
  9. Thanks for the info Bob. Right now I am still working through the California registration process but I will hopefully get to figure out the tire situation early next year once all the paperwork is done.
  10. Next year LOG is in Salt lake City and will have a large West coast attendance. Hopefully we can get a bunch of sevens there as well.
  11. As a long time WCM owner that just recently picked up a V8 Stalker I can say that the power more than makes up for the weight. At ~1600 lbs it still feels significantly lighter than my 2000 lb Elise and is much faster in every gear. I haven't taken the Stalker to the track yet but if road performance is any indication it will destroy the lap times I set in both the Elise and the WCM. Personally I think the choice of tire width and compound makes a bigger difference to the handling of a Seven than 100-200 pounds of weight.
  12. His very first race car was a Lotus 7. He reminisced about it for a bit when I got his autograph on a Lotus poster at the Monterey historics a few years ago.
  13. rnr

    Back in a Seven

    It was great fun and thanks again for building such a fantastic car. My last Seven had several issues when I first got it and the Stalker has been "fill it, shut it and forget it" reliable. Now I get to the fun part of CA SB-100 registration :banghead:
  14. rnr

    Back in a Seven

    I thought that day 2 was bad but day 3 was a dash across Nevada in 95F weather which sucked even more. I didnt bother taking any pics or video - I just wanted to make it to Reno in time for some more drinks. While I did make it to Reno in time, there was some sort of teachers conference in town which meant I had to go to 3 different hotels before I could find a room. As you can imagine, having to unpack and get out of the car 3 different times after 6+ hours in the heat meant that I was not a happy camper. In the end I did find a room and was even able to park the car under some shade.
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