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    Married, two children, two grandkids. Restored a few Europas (long time ago) but always wanted a Seven after a ride in 1972.
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  1. Looks great Henry! My body has too many dents/bruises (my 7 too) to count so removing them is not the goal maybe even feature those hard earned ones with the polished surfaces. I'll try some of the tips/products you have. Each one has a story wish I knew some of them. Steve
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the responses. I have the same clearance (a 7 with a CC) and was worried about strikes. I do not drive over "aggressive" speed bumps (like in parking lots) as they certainly would touch. but the larger ones (on the road) are ok. I also keep a watch, or avoid, steep entry driveways but no issues so far. My car has a welded tube behind the sump and it has seen hits in its life. Odd, the sump is clean, maybe previous owners backed over question marks first:) But never an issue on the road.
  3. Bad luck but fixable. For the bonnet a body shop with aluminum experience should have no problems. Find one that handles Tesla and they should have the skills.
  4. I use a 4 mile highway loop to check a/f changes or component repairs/changes. Decided to flip on the camera for fun, it captured a "dink" at 3:12 which turns out to be a rear prop shaft nut/bolt "leaving" home. I also noticed a vibration so the others were suspect as well. I was only one mile into my loop so with the help of a good samaritan giving me a ride back to retrieve the trailer, the car and I escaped unharmed. The couple who picked me up drove an old pick up in very poor condition and clearly did not have funds to fix their muffler that was louder than the seven. I gave them funds t
  5. FastG I decided to make a video. Apparently I'm unable to think and talk at the same time but maybe you'll get an idea of the Aluma mods. https://youtu.be/CAur44aStNs
  6. Fastg - I will take pictures and detail the mods. Stay tuned. BlueBDA - I may have gone your route if I "started over". The 7's nose misses, but our 911 would require ramps for skirt clearance. But that's a daily and no need to tow. Driving up the ramp in the 7 was spooky at first especially with the Tilton race clutch.
  7. An older thread but a mod that may help the new owner or someone else with this trailer. I have a 77x12 Aluma tilt and S1 1957 7. On unloading you will notice the jump when the front wheels pass a balance point. I was concerned the sump or something may take a hit. The other issue is the bed started drifing up when at rest leaving a 5" gap to the ground tilted with no car.. I suspect some gas leak. My solution was to change the gas spring from a 200# to 250#. I worked with Alegis (gas spring manuf) and the price was under $20. The stronger spring has the same 10" stroke but is about 1 inch lon
  8. So how does it handle? Handles like a go cart. Actually it really is a cart, a golf cart. Seriously, there is a niche for an EV7 but hard to say how many will buy in. Maybe an expanded base who would not have been a 7 owner. Side story, I was changing the Pertronix ignitor(7 with a Climax) just yesterday in our condo garage when I heard what sounded like a golf cart behind me, It was the lady with a Tesla who parks along side the Seven. I know they are crazy fast, bit it was just weird.
  9. Thanks for this video and pointing me to Ivan's Utube channel. I've binge watched his videos, what fun. I can't wait to practice his crisp shift from 2nd to 3rd.
  10. I just heard a fellow from the Manhattan Institute who presented information to congress last week. His point was the battery mining and production represent a much larger impact on the Earth than fossil fuels. The difference is the US is simply exporting the harmful emissions to other countries, but not to worry, the US can boast greenhttps://www.manhattan-institute.org/mines-minerals-and-green-energy-reality-check
  11. Henry, I read through your thread on your S2 last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the history and the restore pictures with details. Cool Elan and garage too. thanks Steve
  12. I just noticed that Henry's comments was about Ginger (dog, spouse, child ) attacking the mayor of Rabbit Hash. (not the car's story, whoops) That story may be more exciting than the car's history.
  13. SSENC (Henry) asked about the story of the car. Anything 62 years old has stories to tell and I'm still discovering some of them for the car. I attached a PDF of what I've learned so far. Steve S1 Story for USA7.pdf
  14. Haha, the jail probably looks like a dog house!
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