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  1. Interesting back story on the owner of this Seven: His daughter (who is now handling his affairs) sent us this letter with the note: "Look what I found going through his stuff today . His interest in and pricing from Lotus Caribbean in 1967. He wasn’t lying when he told me he’s wanted one for 50 years !"
  2. Kris has sold her Dad's home and the Seven now needs a new garage so the motivation to see it sold is high. This is a wonderful car that RMC has inspected and feels very good about, so if you are at all interested give me a call at (3o3) 923-8I38 or send an email to http://info@rockymountaincaterham.com and we will give you all the info you will need. This really is a great car folks!!!
  3. Ian: Standard type 9 ratios, yep, so short first gear.
  4. · 1.6 Sigma Ti-VCT with throttle body, 137 bhp (270 spec). · Type 9 5-speed gear box, and 3.61 standard Sierra diff (these are lighter than the current 270 spec), · S3 chassis, standard floors, Ballistic Orange paint, Black Pack, road suspension, 14″ KN Panasport with Avon ZT3s. · 3 point inertia reel belts, leather seats, heater, Moto Lita steering wheel, carbon sill and wing protectors. · Full weather gear (heated windscreen, sidescreens, hood) Soft Bits For Sevens half hood with driver’s side zip out panel. · Clean
  5. It was an amazing 36 days on the road out of 40 days since April 11th. As I noted in my blog, I have the mixed feeling of excitement to having achieved the goal and sadness that there would be no more travel. So, it is now over and I can reflect a bit on the adventure and achievement. Let’s start with some basic statistics about the trip in response to questions I have been asked and think might be asked: · Total miles traveled – This is subject to revision as I recalculate each segment over the next month or so, but using my odometer and adjusting for its error I beli
  6. Well the weather looks good, the car is ready, I’m all packed and it seems as though all signs are positive. So I will be leaving on Sunday April 11, 2021 on the first leg. While I have planned the route carefully I know that Eisenhower was right when he said "In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." If you are interested in the actual progress, be sure to subscribe to the blog at http://www.xcountryelan.com to see my planned daily post from the road. And if you wish to join me for a segment, contact me through the above blog to
  7. Just an update while I am logged in for the Smithology post. Thanks to all of you who have made contributions to the kids at Roundup River Ranch. I recognize some of the names and would voice my thanks personally if I knew how to reach you directly. In the meantime this will have to suffice even though it is just as heartfelt a thank you. And, finally, I have quite a few posts on my Blog so it may be worth a visit: https://xcountryelan.com/
  8. Sam Smith has just posted a new piece about Sevens in his latest Smithology column for Hagerty. I think it is a wonderful take on Sevens, sevening and the spirit of the Seven...worth a read: https://www.hagerty.com/media/opinion/smithology/smithology-im-building-another-caterham-would-you-like-to-know-more/
  9. Even though this is not technically Seven related, it may be of interest. Some of you may be aware that I am planning a cross country trip in my Elan this spring. In preparation for that adventure I have begun a blog to get the word out to anyone who might be interested in either meeting up somewhere along the way or just following the progress and story. I also am soliciting donations to the kids at Roundup River Ranch and have set up a donation page for the Ranch. While I will be funding my own expenses for this trip, I would appreciate any support you may feel like contributing for the
  10. On the 310S we just built I was advised by Nathan Down to just plug in the MAP sensor and leave the port open to atmospheric pressure. The car seems to run fine and we are at 6,000 feet above sea level so I am equally curious if this is incorrect. Here is a photo of the car The sensor is simply stuck to the panel with double sided tape and seems to stay just fine. I await the experts to guide me the rest of the way. Cheers,
  11. Croc wrote about LOG 30 in Gettysburg "After being relegated to Siberia, both in the banquet room and at the car show, plus some unfortunate views expressed by two owners of original Lotus 7s,..." so it is clear to me that snub still stings. I certainly cannot undo what caused you to feel that way though I want you to know that, as an owner of a Lotus 7 who was there at Gettysburg, I welcome all sevens even the lowly Robin Hood version as part of the tribe. I don't know whether it will make you feel better or not, but I felt the same disdain from the snobs about having my seven in the ca
  12. I think Rocky Mountain Caterham has him covered. They confirmed to him that they do have parts for Zetec and Sierra diff which is what Road Ready has.
  13. Sander, As a veteran of over 30,000 miles in a 1968 Seven S3 which includes border to border and coast to coast, and thousands of miles in Colorado and Utah with the top NEVER on the car, I concur with much of the above and add these thoughts: 1.) Windscreen and doors make the Seven feel like a motorcycle with a fairing allowing most of the fun with less of the pain. Do wear earplugs as the wind that loops around the doors hits right at your ears and will be irritating at least and uncomfortable most probably. 2.) Use good two lane roads as much as possible to stay off the Interstate
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