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    Scenic tours, act as a coffee table, look pretty

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  1. OMG I don't need to tell you anything...I just want to sit on your face! :drool: I think I need a nice lie down in a dark garage and a sip of Mobil 1....
  2. OMG IT'S SIMON COWELL!!! :drool: I think there is a paddling pool under my differential right now. This woman loves a good whipping - I give as good as I take if you know what I mean Simon baby...you don't know me but I am your biggest fan. I mean literally. I weigh about 1200lbs, have 4 wheels, an asthmatic Ford engine and a dicky gearbox. You can call me Bessie (or Sweetheart, or Dearie, or Gorgeous...well you get the idea)! Any time you want I will drive out to Beverly Hills and let you ride me. I just cannot wait for you to grab me by my love handles and go down on me behind my wheel. You can just pound me around the streets and I will scream for more! oh hang on...this is a public forum, right? :blush: Let me send you a PM plus a FWB invite from the contacts page of this lovely forum!
  3. Oh he is foolish enough! I am all woman so I will be alluring, moody, cantankerous, jealous, sexy, attention seeking, bitchy, and have a few blonde moments along the way. Men never learn about feminine wiles - always attracted to the honeypot! :iamwithstupid: Then again, if you buff my rear end I am just total putty in the hands of a good man - screaming and panting my head off! So I will guarantee he will have an interesting time. I have always liked meeting AAA men....they know how to handle me.:seeya:
  4. Makes sense with the Dutton reference. Calling it a Beaver is somewhat apt!
  5. Oh dear....I really did make a bad impression on him....
  6. :iagree: I wondered when that article was going to come out. I had such a good time with that lovely young journalist. Made me feel so young again! Can I see an article link to myself pretty please? I want to admire my gorgeous self photographed. And Mr Mooney - that use of the word "abundant" better not be referring to my hips? Otherwise I will turn your legs sooty with my exhaust!
  7. I just don't want him to come down with upgraditius! I have no desire to be a carbon tart you know! :willy_nilly:
  8. Al you are just a a naughty little crumpet - you only watched 5 seconds. If you were patient like me and stopped surfing the Victoria Secret website site for long enough (that size is too large - she is far more petite than that and anything but fuchsia in color!)....anyway....you would have noticed that at the end they feature all the lovely cars and their studly drivers :drool:. I would like to have a studly driver...hint hint! :cooldude: Can we go and watch next year? Please, please pretty please!!!!!
  9. I know - I look lovely! :blueangel::seeya:
  10. It means that you have so much sex appeal that my rear end is dribbling with excitement. Want to go for a ride?
  11. Morgan - You have made me look GORGEOUS! I so want to pepper you with kisses and spray you with hot oil! :willy_nilly: Is there any chance of you buying me like you did Mr Orange? Mr Orange was telling me how much care and attention you lavish on him and I am embarrassed to admit I am very jealous. If it helps I much prefer your butt in my lap than Al's!
  12. I want to be an American Collectors Insurance Company customer as that would mean you have FINALLY finished my lovely restoration! And once that has happened then I would love to feature in my own show on Amercian Detours. :flag: It seems only right I bare all and flash my lovely headlamps to everyone! Now I know you are shy and may not want to appear on camera but just try the Just For Men product that I left you. I think Boot Polish Black color really will suit you! :cooldude:
  13. Thats a bit rude! At least Al was able to complete the deed! Can we say the same thing about you? How is your lovely lady positioned in the workshop? I want a new friend to drive around with
  14. It is such a relief to know that I am finally coming home with Al to New Jersey. After all these years it will be nice to see another part of the US. I understand that my new home will be pride of place in Al's den at home, happily dripping some Mobil 1 on his lovely white shag rug :blush:. While I will never be a track car, I take great solace in the knowledge I look better than some of the other tarts....errr..ladies...err...sevens on this forum (in my opinion of course...). None of that nasty carbon fiber for me! Al sweetie dearest....can I ask for a truck ride home so my nice new wobbly wheels do not go all wobbly? Pretty please?:cooldude: Kissies! Bessie
  15. How about finishing me off before you borrow one of Brucie's gorgeous classic autos? :seeya: Hang on....do you still know how to drive? Its been a while since you were last on here?:troll:
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