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  1. I have only driven the car a handful of times so I am unsure. It was parked for a long time and needed a major refresh. I got it started and couldn't help but drive it a bit but then began tearing into it and decided to replumb the brakes because it was a real mess and stuff was leaking. I am just trying to be proactive but based on what you say I may be better off not installing any specialized valves and see how the brakes perform after logging some miles.
  2. They were the first place I checked. Smallest bore is 1.00” for their tandem M/C.
  3. Thanks for all the comments! I have read some posts around the web of others using the .7" bore in place of the .625" so I figured I would give it a shot. However, admittedly I did not run the actual calculations. Also so far I have been unable to find a suitable replacement reservoir. I will go ahead and buy the unit from Caterham with the matching bore size. While I have your attention, what are your thoughts on proportioning valves etc? What is the simplest way to account for the 9" drum brakes on the rear and Girling 14LF calipers up front?
  4. I’m looking to upgrade my 7 to dual circuit brakes and trying to decide which master cylinder to buy. I currently have a old Girling .625” that’s leaking. Caterham sells a standard .625” bore tandem MC for about $250+ but I can buy a .70” bore tandem MC from a Triumph Spitfire locally for about $65. Has anyone used the Spitfire unit who can provide some feedback or perhaps there’s another model I’m overlooking? It appears to be designed to originally mount at an angle hence the slanted reservoir. Does this matter? https://apaindustries.com/parts/5930 Thanks!
  5. Sorry to bump this old thread. Whotoo, could you post a couple pics of your carbs mounted to the manifold with the linkage installed? I’m curious about which pieces you used to connect the throttle shafts and how much you cut out of the manifold. I also have a 1700 Kent and I recently tried to install a similar linkage but ran into the same issue. My linkage appears to be a generic version of the Mangoletsi but virtually identical in function. Also upon looking up new intake manifolds from Burton I can see they are designed with that middle section missing between the carbs.
  6. That is such a great review of your car on YouTube! May I ask what size idle jets you switched to? Thanks!
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