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  1. So this is comical. I took my car in for service at a local shop I’ve used in the past on 1/4/21. My punch list is (1) install new 6 point harnesses, (2) replace thermostat with one I provided, (3) replace radiator temp sensor and see if that makes the fan work, (4) tune 45 DCOE Weber carbs for my elevation, (5) address oil leak in joint in dry sump hose. Harnesses installed but crotch strap omitted so I’ve got to take the seats out again. Thermostat was lost or thrown away rather than installed. Jets were changed on the Weber but they clearly weren’t tuned and the gas fumes are ov
  2. That’s so Roswell! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. He definitely did not but then he started talking about an engine swap. I’ll be curious if a buyer pays anywhere close to the premium paid on the last sale. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I’m told they are Revolution wheels. Oddly, I’ve never actually seen them. I had the 16” HPC wheels installed for my cross country trip as I wanted more ground clearance. They are being shipped to me. Assuming I can find some ultra high performance DOT tires in 14” those wheels will go back on the car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I made an effort and googled it to no avail. What is WCM? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yes Croc, The license plate holder and spare tire holder in the photo you sent appear fine. The license plate light was broken and the metal piece of the light that attaches to the license plate holder was bent forward 90 degrees. I appears the bumper of the SUV went over the license plate holder hit the light and then the spare tire which absorbed all the impact. I’ll check the welds in the rear of the frame and the attachment of the spare tire holder when it’s on the lift in the next few weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We've seen people pay a big premium on BaT recently and then make posts here that reflect that they didn't know what they bought. I might be one of those people but any premium I paid pales when compared to what some others have paid. Clearly, BaT is seeing a bull market. Good for them and the rest of us. The buyers on BaT, yours truly included, are lured in by the ease of finding a car we always wanted but never would have searched out. If you offer goods with a limited supply to a newly expanded market prices go up.
  8. Sitting at a light yesterday an SUV ran into my rear end. I have the welded spare tire carrier and the spare tire was along for the ride. Most of the damage appears to have been to the license plate light. The spare tire holder is a round bar and the license plate holder is a metal plate with rolled over edges welded to the top of that bar. Neither the license plate holder nor the spare tire carrier show any damage. The lower piece of frame across the back behind the gas tank where the spare tire carrier is attached remains straight. I assume there's no damage apart from the license plat
  9. It is largely false but like most conspiracy theories it has elements of truth. The gentleman speaking is a poorly educated religious fundamentalist who is not an authority on anything. For example, he says the House has 475 members and if the President doesn’t concede, the decision goes to the House. Those are both false. The House has 435 members and the election can be decided by the House but only if certain conditions are met. A candidate refusing to concede is not one of those conditions. Facebook is basically the best source to get the worst possible information. Unless you have researc
  10. True but after the holidays I’m going on a diet and working out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I assume it has a thermostat but I don’t know for certain. The behavior does seem odd. If it has a thermostat and it closes the water flow it should heat up nicely. It’s odd that doesn’t happen. I’m going to check that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I expected rain and took both the top and the tounneau cover. I agree a helmet would be a great thing to have and I almost took my Bluetooth full face helmet as audio would have been nice. I guess the downside is that the helmet takes a good bit of space and it’s one more thing that might be stolen. That reminds me. I had a messenger bag that I used as a “go bag”. It held valuables such as my laptop and cameras. Whenever I walked away from the car I took it with me. It rode in the passenger seat so I also kept things in it I might need while driving such as lip balm, change for tolls, my
  13. Here's a summary of what I needed for the trip. This will be my packing list going forward. Items marked with an * are items I didn't have but will take next time. Great weather. I did 20 days without a drop of rain. I was so lucky in that regard A car in good shape. I was fortunate the car I got was well maintained. Honestly, it was crazy to do the trip in a car I hadn't done a shake down run with and gotten familiar with. If I had owned the car for six months and driven it before this trip, none of the problems I encountered would have happened. Doors, sunglasses and ear plugs
  14. Fortunately, my ears are not ringing. After the first few days I wore 3M disposable ear plugs except for about 30 minutes each day. I can definitely see this car bringing on tinnitus. I went without for 30 minutes each day to see if there were any disturbing noises I was missing. The most I ever put in the tank was 8.5 gallons at about 155 miles. At that point the needle was very close to empty. I believe it's a 10 gallon tank with 8.5 usable gallons. My fuel consumption is down to 18 mpg. I'm hoping I can increase that by tuning the carbs. It's clearly running rich. The questions
  15. It’s finished! 5,100 miles and I’m home. Only car related event of the last two days was a flat tire. Odd thing was that I probably drove on a totally flat tire for between 50 and 1,000 miles. I never noticed. A guy at a gas station pointed it out. The car is so light the sidewalls support it. It didn’t seem to harm the tire. The drama was that I didn’t have the key to remove the wheel cover to remove the nuts to change the tire. I put 16 ounces of Slime in and it has held 18psi for 900 miles. The key is in my spares pile in Utah. I’ll have that shipped and be able to chan
  16. One thought I’m having is pulling the heater out. It’s woefully inadequate and the pull knob is very hard to move. I’ve been afraid of busting open a hole in the cooling system by pulling the stuck knob and finding myself stranded. Rather than a heater, I want to keep heated electric motorcycle jacket liners in the car that I can plug in. It would be much warmer. Is pulling the heater difficult? Would anyone perceive it to be a downgrade to remove the heater? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I love the idea of the M-unit and as the new owner of a 27 year old car, I know electronics aren’t forever. However, I’m not inclined to pull out my existing wiring harness and replace it with an M-unit. I can see that going very badly and my new car sitting idle for a very long time. What I’m thinking is installing it, by which I mean bolting it to the car, and then using it as the fall back system as electrical circuits fail. For example, my radiator fan, and right rear turn signal have failed. My brake lights also failed but I got them working again. Can I install it, switch those cir
  18. Marfa to Austin today. Around 450 miles. The car just runs so nothing to report there. I’ve now covered over 4,200 miles on this trip and have 950 to go. I was certain I was going to run out of gas twice today. Both times the needle made it almost to E and I covered over 150 miles on each tank full. When I filled up, the car took 8.3 gallons each time. It appears I have an accurate fuel gauge. My fuel consumption has dropped to 18 mpg. When I get home I’m having the timing checked and the carbs adjusted then putting it on a dynometer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. As the guy that bought that $30 set from Harbor Freight and who has now driven the car 3,000 miles, I certainly agree. I have been fortunate though as I’ve been able to defer and perform almost all my repairs within walking distance of an auto parts or hardware store. While I haven’t had many repairs, my collection of tools and parts has mounted to the point that my boot is nearly full of just that. My ideal repair kit is modeled on the Cruz Tools motorcycle repair kits which are make specific. So for my BMW there is a Cruz Tools kit that has what you need for the bike and only what
  20. Agreed. It’s a huge improvement. Thanks to John for reaching out to address the problems I was having. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Check the ‘gram @caterhamchronicles or wait until tomorrow. Like many, many people, I am constantly frustrated by the forum sites inability to provide an effective mechanism for uploading a photo.
  22. That’s the one. Going to go back in the morning and do it right. Yesterday was tough because it was too cold and too many miles. Today was glorious. Nothing like a good convertible on a cool, sunny day. Tomorrow I head to Austin.
  23. Yeah it looks like a really cool town I’ll be tired of in about an hour. But I’ve got a nice hotel room waiting and I’m betting I can get a decent meal. I’d love some stargazing but I think my telescope is bigger than my car.
  24. When I removed the cone today, two of the four were unfastened.
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