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  1. I like your third brake light. Do you know where I might find one like it?


    I am building a Birkin XS chassis. I am 6 foot 180 pounds and felt that was a bit too big for the regular chassis.
  3. Hello everyone.:seeya: I have been snooping around on these forums for nearly a decade. I finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago and purchased a Birkin! I drove to Vail Colorado, where Birkin is now located, and picked up the unassembled car. It all fit in the back of a pick up truck! Everything minus engine, transmission and wheels. Tom is a great guy to work with and his shop is located in a very beautiful part of the country. I plan to paint the car Porsche 997 GT3RS orange and use a 2.0 Duratec engine. I am driving instructor at Circuit of the Americas here in Austin Texas and thi
  4. Did ever get the shuttering figured out?
  5. Did this sell? I was considering using a Haltech. I’m interested
  6. Hey Kink, are you still on here? I am building an SS3XS also, and have a few questions. First, is that the standard roll bar or the taller one? Are those Advanti wheels? If so, what size are the rears? What would you change? What do you dislike? What do you like the most? I am super excited to finally get started building a Birkin after talking about it for a decade. My car will be used primarily as a track car, but I will take it to the occasional car show. edit: just found your for sale post
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