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  1. You could make them larger but you'd have to drill through the mounting plate that comes with the harnesses. If that size is good enough for Sabelt, it's good enough for me Jim
  2. I use a HANS and had the same concerns in my car. I fabricated the adapter below to change the mounting points for the harnesses. The gold bolts mount the adapter into the existing holes for the harnesses so it's solidly mounted to the car. There are 2 steel plates so that the shoulder straps are mounted between them in double shear. Some spacers between the steel to space them out so the straps have a little wiggle room to rotate. Just be careful that the harnesses don't go onto your shoulders from more than about a 20 degree angle from horizontal from the adapter. If you're tall- the h
  3. You could certainly try to fabricate one yourself however SPA makes one for it: https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productselection.asp?Product=5171-STEM Jim
  4. Michael- Things are good. Have had the 7 at Summit a couple times. Not a big Shenandoah fan so really just the big track. Bought a vintage FF and having some fun with that but needs some parts (took a corner off at The Glen in the rain) and parts are not exactly plentiful. Looking to retire at some point but not quite there yet. Glad to hear all is well. Keep it off the green stuff! Jim A.
  5. Hey Michael. Nice to hear from you. Still in Bethesda?? Jim A.
  6. Mike, Couldn't agree more with all you said. Nobody ever talks about where all the electricity is going to come for to charge all those batteries. And don't even get me started on autonomous vehicles. The legal and ethical considerations for them are never ending. Don't expect to see them in my lifetime either. Sure as hell hope not. Oh- and what happens with all the batteries. Talk about hazardous waste. Jim
  7. ‘17 Golf R. Always been a VW guy. First car a 1980 Scirocco. Couple GTI’s and a Touareg. 290 HP and 6 sp. Hatchbacks are practical. And ingress/egress a little easier than the 7 and Elise!! Jim
  8. If you like arai- stick with them. My last 2 helmets have been Arai GP5S (now changed to the 6S) Lightweight and with good aero. Have never really seen the need for aero add ons in the Caterham even with an aeroscreen. I'm 5'7" so if you're considerably taller- you might get some more buffeting, otherwise the aeroscreen does a good job of pushing the air up over head. Jim
  9. Vlad, Really hard to compare sounds without having them side-side due to so many variables. Mine sounds different than the instagram post. Mine started as a VCT but then we swapped heads, upped compression and changed cams. Mine is still fuel injected. Lightened flywheel will make it spin up quicker. Sounds OK but could probably sound better. We're probably a little limited with mufflers as well. Jim
  10. I'm in Owings Mills. Happy to let you check out my car for seating. I'm 5'7" 150lbs and mine's an S3. Message me and I'll get back to you. Jim
  11. So I guess Bruce isn't towing it cross country for next weekend?? Wow- ultimate spec Mike. You've sweated the details. Love the color. Jim
  12. I've tried to refrain from comment ( and trust me-since I look at feet all day- I could certainly make some) Suffice it to say that I see worse looking feet daily. Looks like it's a good thing I'm coming . SOMEBODY needs a curbside consult:eek: Jim
  13. You'll be fine with the aeroscreen. With your helmet and long sleeve tee/sweatshirt you won't have any problem on track. Now if you're driving your car down to NJMP- that's another story. I'll have mine on. Jim
  14. Check this one out. Down the front straight. Make sure you haven't just eaten. Realize- he's the guy in back of the car that hit it. That's aint dirt on his windsheild!! Jim
  15. Summit Point is well known for deer. I've seen them on the inside of the track but fortunately never on it. There's a video somewhere of one running across the main straight and jumping over a car that was coming down it. No damage to either one! I was there 2 weekends ago and it looks like the new owners have put up a deer fence around the perimeter so hopefully no more. Plenty of groundhogs. Not pretty when you're going down the chute into turn 5 in a formula car with a groundhog standing on the edge of the track at the apex. Stayed there for 3-4 laps and then gone. Flaggers never sa
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