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  1. We have the 225 rears in stock but no fronts so no joy there.
  2. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/panoz/aiv/2464755.html
  3. He is incorrect saying a Caterham is only available as a "kit" in the US. You can get a factory built "rolling chassis" that only requires the powertrain to be installed. We handle the Federal requirement of the powertrain being sourced from a third party by having an unrelated company import and sell the powertrain to our customer. In the Cobra world some dealers have tried to use a another entity that they also own to do this and I know that California has caught one and refused to register the car causing the dealer to have to repurchase the car from the customer.
  4. Mark IV

    Barber MSP

    Our customer Simon at Barber in a 420:
  5. Wheels are the 14" "Minilite" style and tires are Avon 185/60. Painted centers and diamond cut lips are optional as well. Cost is very similar to a 310S. You could upgrade the cams to the 310 spec for a power bump. Caterham will not do any engine mods on this and the 40MM Jenvey's are only available on the SS 1600. The standard interior is the black leather seats, the leather interior side panels, tunnel, etc. are optional so you can have a "bare bones" interior if desired. And cycle fenders are available at no cost as well. Weight is within 25-35# of a 310. If anyone would l
  6. They are 5.75 headlamps. We are running about 15%-20% of orders spec'ing the SS1600 since it was announced last April. This one is going to the Philly area and we have another one going to the Nazareth, PA. area soon to a friend of Mario Andretti.
  7. The first of the US spec Super Seven 1600s have hit the ground. From the classic "Sweep" wings to the twin 40MM ITBs sticking through the bonnet side, these are a really nice piece! More info available here: https://www.timemachineauto.com/super-seven-1600.html
  8. Bill, The "S" pack includes the weather gear as well as a heater.
  9. The "WMI" VIN will allow easy registration. If you are having an issue getting registered in NY let us know, we can help. And yes, we didn't sell you your Seven but we have helped more Seven and Superformance owners get registered than we have sold cars! Please PM or email rick@timemachinesauto.com
  10. We have them in stock. info@timemachinesauto.com
  11. Caterham has been waiting on this, we will have "turn key" Sevens with powertrains that meet the law. This will enable regular financing to be available as well as other benefits. Easy state registration, etc.
  12. Here is a Riviera Blue Seven we sold: https://www.instagram.com/skyeblugarage/ We have also found a good set of LED headlamps that are set up for a daytime running lamp and aux. turn signals. I ordered our demo 310 in Firecracker Yellow so as to be very visible, a Seven is effectively a four wheel motorcycle so situational awareness is a must. Remember in a Seven you are looking UP at Miatas! And here is a "black grey" 420 https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/p720x720/121619037_3528380297226183_8266911153920709521_o.jpg?_nc_cat=111&ccb=2&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=BvI7CvINw6
  13. We have a pair of the "R" spec Tillett S3 composite seats with pad and embroidered "CATERHAM" logo available. These are over $750.00 each F.O.B. Dartford, UK. We offer the pair for $850.00 plus shipping. https://caterhamparts.co.uk/race-seats/4498-composite-bucket-seat-race-academy-b-bird.html Contact rick@timemachinesauto.com or 716.407.0975.
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