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  1. We have as a trade consignment a 2013 Seven 270 (Sigma 1.6) available. Thes is number 22 of the 40 anniversary cars built. Assembled by well known Seven guru George Alderman, the chassis is optioned with limited slip differential, heater, soft top, side curtains and all 40th features. This is an S3 chassis finished in red with silver "40th Anniversary" stripes and logos as well as leather seats and heated windscreen. Mileage is less than 850. The Seven drives very well and is mechanically excellent. Car has been professionally detailed and is very nice save for some stone chips in the rear wings and stainless protectors. A new Caterham factory alloy sump has been fitted and oil/filter are new. A four-point harness is fitted to the driver's seat but the original three- point system is included as well. Fitted with a T9 five speed transmission. Car is on a clean South Carolina title, this is a "trade consignment" that was part exchanged for a Superformance Cobra as the owner discovered he did not fit the S3, sale will be from previous owner with bill of sale and notarized title transfer from him. Transport or shipping available. $41,700.00 F.O.B. our shop in Western New York Additional information, photos, etc. available on request. Rick@timemachinesauto.com or 716.407.0975
  2. Still available, shipping with four sold Sevens.
  3. We have produced a replacement stainless steel battery tray and hold down for Caterhams with the "Banner" battery that is mounted center of the scuttle over the ECU. The Banner batteries have been problematic in our experience with a high failure rate at low miles/time. This tray allows use of an easily locally obtained Interstate AGM battery (part number SLA 1156 that can be bought for about $80.00- $90.00) that mounts on its' side and provides more cranking power than the Banner. The tray attaches to the existing platform with heavy duty 3M tape and uses the existing hardware. The stainless is covered in a neoprene to reduce vibrations and make the surface "non-slip". We supply these with the Interstate battery on our chassis and have Caterham delete the Banner wet cell battery. Retail is $49.50 but for USA 7s members $39.95 plus shipping. Info? rick@timemachinesauto.com or 716.407.0975
  4. We have a set of genuine Caterham three point belts that were removed from a new chassis at the purchasers request. $150.00 witth hardware
  5. Due to a customer cancellation we have ready to ship at Caterham a RHD 420R kit in Vintage Green with Firecracker Yellow triple stripes. This kit is equipped with the following options: S3 420R kit, Right Hand Drive 15" ORCUS silver alloy wheels with Avon tires Full weather equipment (Top, side curtains, heated windscreen) with interchangeable composite Aeroscreen Track day roll bar MoMo steering wheel with quick release Heater Lowered floors Black Aero filler cap Vintage Green paint, body and wings Triple stripe in Yellow with white pinstripes This kit will ship in December for arrival in the US late January (if shipping doesn't get any worse than it is now!) We will have actual pictures next week. The 420R has the 210 HP Duratec with dry sump and all of the other features of the 420. More info here: https://www.timemachineauto.com/caterham/seven-420/ Delivery is available via our enclosed trailer or we can fully crate and ship FedEx freight at a very discounted rate. For full details and pricing contact rick@timemachinesauto.com or call 716.407.0975
  6. Surplus to our needs we have a fresh pair of 215/55x13 ZZS tires. Ordered for a customer who sold his car before they arrived. $179.00 each plus shipping. 716.407.0975 or rick@timemachinesauto.com
  7. Bill, My first interaction with George was 1972 at Lime Rock where he was racing his Datsun 510 Trans-Am car while I was crewing the Bobcor Alfa (we were the second tier Alfa team...really more like the less than triple a AAA baseball squad to the Yankee's second cousin's neighbors, friends down the street acquaintances). Small world although George called a couple years ago looking for a Caterham part.
  8. https://www.caterhamcars.com/en/models/the-iconic-range/seven-170 The new 170 is not available in North America as per Caterham's agreement with Suzuki. 970 pounds, the lightest Seven yet!
  9. Sold! A forum member in Oregon will soon be putting his Seven together.
  10. Caterham in fact has had to cancel some existing Sigma orders as a quantity of engines they committed to will not be provided so no new orders anywhere and some disappointed Sigma wanabees. Caterham is working on a Duratec of about 150 HP to replace the 280/310 in the model range.
  11. We hold our "Laps@Lunch" event every year on Sunday during the lunch break at the US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International. This is a free opportunity to do brisk paced laps on the 3.2 mile Glen road course. In conjunction with WGI we offer our Superformance and Caterham customers and other invitees the laps at no cost; only your general admission ticket is required. This will be on Sunday September 12. The event allows passengers and no helmets are required. The pace car driver (whom we know) gives us a pretty brisk tour but not 10/10ths so no worries about an "off". Details about the USVGP are here: https://www.theglen.com/events/hilliard-u-s-vintage-grand-prix/ If you have never attended a USVGP it is a great time, all areas are open save for the hot pits so you can wander the paddocks see the race cars up close and personal. The Grand Prix Festival in town on Friday is a ball with the car show on the closed Franklin Street and at 5 PM the race cars driving from the track to line up on Franklin for the "Old Course Recreation" event where the vintage racers run the original 1948 street course at "paced" speeds that exceed the speeds of the 1948 cars! The LOONYs (Lotus Owners Of New York) have a special parking area on Friday that will welcome Caterhams (the Lotus Ltd. president has had a Seven for 25 years) but reservations are required so let us know if you want details. Some info and videos are here: <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FTimeMachinesMotorsportsLlc%2Fposts%2F4375771302487074&show_text=true&width=500" width="500" height="318" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture; web-share"></iframe> Please join us for this event. As indicated there is no cost other than your admission ticket. Please email rick@timemachinesauto.com to indicate your plan to attend. We will return details on where to meet, etc. We meet up by 11AM to sign the required waivers and then line up on Seagraves Road to await our out lap. We meet in paddock #3 as per this map: https://www.theglen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/1009/2021/01/05/WGI_19_Vintage_Map.pdf Look for the 15' "SUPERFORMANCE" teardrop flag and some Superformance Cobras. We look forward to a good turnout of Caterhams. Hope to see you there.
  12. We have a set of new "take-off" Caterham three point belts that we will sell if required.
  13. FYI, I have no connection nor interest in this sale. I have met the owner but otherwise have no skin in the sale.
  14. This car is local to me (in the same town I live in) , if anyone wants an inspection we will be pleased to do so at no cost.
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