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    I was born and have not yet died so still filling in the middle part!
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  1. Available. Purchaser has gone dark. We are moving soon and need to reduce the inventory we must schlep!
  2. We suggest Rhino Lining for the underside. It is a "softer" material than Line-X so it absorbs the impacts better. We have had PPF installed on a few cars to the customer specification, everything from an almost total wrap to just wings. Several have done the lower sides to eliminate damage from the front tire stone throws.
  3. We are cleaning up in preparation for moving and have "found" numerous Caterham parts that are surplus to our current needs. Items such as a new SV leather seat, tonneau cover with install kit, SV/wide track lower control arms, 620 carbon fiber nose canards and lots more. Inquire for price and availability rick@timemachinesauto.com 716.407.0975
  4. Mark IV

    Roll Cage

    Do you still want the Avons I am holding for you?
  5. available. Was pulled from the website when we had a deposit on it but didn't complete the sale
  6. We now have a 2020 Seven 310R with road options available. Less than 2000 miles, high specification and pristine. Will have full details and pictures next week when we return for the SAAC convention at Indy Motor Speedway.
  7. The SADEV six-speed sequential has been limited to the 620R, this is the first "roadable" use in a spec lower than a 620R. Engine specs.docx Engine specs.docx
  8. The ZZR "Extremes" are a dealer installed option, Caterham cannot install them as they do not meet DOT specifications. 48 hours after the announcement and we have already taken two orders for the CUP. That you can option the road weather equipment makes this a double-edged track/street monster. We have build slots for start of 420 CUP production early 2023. If you snooze, you lose! Engine specs.docx
  9. This was sold but the buyer had to bail out so......
  10. Due in Port Newark on the 29th.
  11. In transit to us now, will post pictures of the kit here when it arrives.
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