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  1. Sold! A forum member in Oregon will soon be putting his Seven together.
  2. Caterham in fact has had to cancel some existing Sigma orders as a quantity of engines they committed to will not be provided so no new orders anywhere and some disappointed Sigma wanabees. Caterham is working on a Duratec of about 150 HP to replace the 280/310 in the model range.
  3. We hold our "Laps@Lunch" event every year on Sunday during the lunch break at the US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International. This is a free opportunity to do brisk paced laps on the 3.2 mile Glen road course. In conjunction with WGI we offer our Superformance and Caterham customers and other invitees the laps at no cost; only your general admission ticket is required. This will be on Sunday September 12. The event allows passengers and no helmets are required. The pace car driver (whom we know) gives us a pretty brisk tour but not 10/10ths so no worries about an "off".
  4. We have a set of new "take-off" Caterham three point belts that we will sell if required.
  5. FYI, I have no connection nor interest in this sale. I have met the owner but otherwise have no skin in the sale.
  6. This car is local to me (in the same town I live in) , if anyone wants an inspection we will be pleased to do so at no cost.
  7. Bill, You can add a QR from Speedway, Summit or wherever so long as the diameter of the QR collar matches the shaft diameter. You can have a bushing machined and welded to the shaft. Or we can get you an upper shaft with the QR. Your dropped floor is on the way.
  8. Due to a customer changing his specification we have a 420R S3 kit that will be built in week 32. This kit is optioned as follows: 420R S3 (standard) chassis Left hand drive Race dampers Aero wishbones 15" "Orcus" silver alloy wheels with Avons Front vented disc brakes with four piston calipers Carbon fiber Aeroscreen Full weather equipment (top and side curtains) and heated windscreen that interchanges with the Aeroscreen Half door- Carbon vinyl Side screen armrests Top storage bag Boot cover- Carbon vinyl
  9. The old style is still a no cost option.
  10. The new LED tail lights will be standard on new cars from week 35 2021 builds onwards.
  11. Caterham has announced that due to the Sigma 1600 reaching the end of its' use by Ford they will no longer have a supply source for the Sigma. Existing orders will be honored but as of June 11, 2021 no new Sigma orders will be accepted from the USA. A replacement for the Sigma is in the works but it will likely be 2023 before it becomes available. The small inventory of unsold Sigmas will be held for UK, EU and Japanese orders as those are Caterhams largest markets and even then there are few engines unsold.
  12. So ask your Caterham dealer to add some lamps to his next car container and the shipping will be free! If you can wait a bit you can save a lot of cash.
  13. There is less than a 1/4" difference in ride height between the 13" and 15" tires. I agree the 310 is the "sweet spot" of Sevens if you aren't looking for eyeball crushing acceleration. Here are the title/registration regulations for "self build" vehicles in Mo. https://www.semasan.com/semaga/TagTitleToolbox_MO.pdf
  14. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a36364007/lotus-selling-elise-tooling/?fbclid=IwAR0XphI820TcGJLRPxzJJAafgO4w_vAvbdwx0LCMlbjfvobsOfe_LCBsqjk What say the Seven crowd?
  15. Please inquire via the email or phone. We will send a full options/specifications listing and the pricing.
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