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  1. Yes, it was. Wasn't cheap to ship it to Vegas enclosed with the extra parts. That's for sure.
  2. Hey everyone, I posted in the Pacific thread but I figure I'll introduce myself here as well. Name is Chris from Vegas, I've been a Lotus enthusiast since I was a kid. Despite never having owned one until my 28th birthday. As a kid I had a poster of the Lotus 340R in my room. I think it was secretly training my subconscious for when I grew up. I ended up having interest in motorcycles on my teens and left home to go to technical school. Since then, I've worked in every position in the motorcycle industry. In that time, I bought my first car which was a 2003 MINI Cooper S. That star
  3. We are very much alike. I graduated from motorcycle tech school in 2010 and motorcycles have been my life since. Working for many dealerships as well as places like Revzilla and now I am GM of a Dainese store. I actually sold my last motorcycle in order to make space in the garage for the Seven. Although now we are teaching my Fiancé to ride and she has a Z125 which I hop on from time to time. The one I got I think I got pretty lucky with. It is an HPC imported by an Air Force guy from Britain. It came with two binders of the car's full history since original build. The dyno sheet puts it at 2
  4. Thanks for the responses. I was excited to get the car because it seemed easy enough for me as a motorcycle guy to work on. And then I got it and it intimidates me. I guess it's just one of those things I have to live with and get used to until I'm confident. I already told my Fiancé that if anything financial happened, my daily would go before the Seven goes. The dry sump I've heard conflicting things on. Some say check it after turning the car off within a minute. Some say I should do it while it's idling. The real question is if I do it while idling should I expect oil to be thr
  5. I have yet to put a cardboard under there (Been lazy and forgetting every time I have taken it out thus far). I will do the cardboard now so that next time I take it out I know exactly how big the drips are. I attached pictures with a dollar bill for size comparison which is the only thing I had handy. The darker spots are the fresh ones from yesterday. Though it has dripped a few times in the garage so I need to do the cardboard to get an accurate measurement. As well as pictures from where exactly I think the drips are dropping from. Again, I am fairly sure that the gearbox oil which you wil
  6. Good morning west coast. I picked up the 1994 HPC that was floating around on Hemmings for a little bit. I've been looking for a Seven since I sold my Elise last year, and this is my first one. I have a couple things that I need to do with it before I take it to the track. I was trying to figure out if anyone knew someone in the Vegas area that could work on it? I'm technically a certified motorcycle tech but I've never worked that career path and only really like doing the basic maintenance. I don't have the garage space or confidence in myself to do any bigger project
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