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  1. There is no catch after COVID nobody wants to work. Easier to ride it off. Rear front fenders need work. Little bit body work near trunk area. That’s about it. No flood damage. Car fired right up and drove straight no issues.
  2. Let’s do it if all goes as planned with the registration you can count me in 😁
  3. Yes engine runs and the car drives very well. It is a beast. And I did not buy the car because I thought it was just cool. I have built a number of sevens in my lifetime. From v8s to larger chassis v12. This Caterham has the best configuration and it is a Caterham. All sevens are nice fun cars, rest of the cars seem a bit boring.
  4. I will post some pictures today it is raining hard here.
  5. Yes it does have really cold a/c
  6. I have not received the title yet but it should be a ca title not sure if it is salvage. Yes good idea I will post the vin later today.
  7. New to this forum but I think you guys would find this thread interesting. Just purchased this cool Caterham and what is interesting is that I bought the car from copart. Copart is an online salvage auction which mainly sells vehicles that were involved in issues that deemed them a total loss. I saw the car on their web site and followed for months until I guess they received the title and were able to auction the car on an assigned date. So I had to buy the car, they had presented 7 images no Keyes, salvage title and no visible damage. Now knowing copart I knew something had to be up. Maybe blown engine, flood damage, wiring problems anything could have been hidden. Long story short purchased the car from their antelope location that is near Sacramento. And brought it home.
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