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  1. I couldn't say really. I fit, but I'm only 5'8". There is at least another few inches there, if not more. But torso length would matter more than overall height.
  2. The no reserve auction is live! I'm excited to report that my No Reserve: 2009 Birkin S3 2.0L Supercharged is currently featured on BaT Auctions! Check it out and please help me spread the word!
  3. Dollar for dollar, the performance can't be beat. It pulls right along with my previous 991 GT3. Tom Carlin is the man. He spent a lot of time getting TMW's supercharger kit to work - just because he is that kind of stand up guy. We had to build the engine and sump it to get there, but now it is a terror. I'm interested in a quick and efficient sale. It has taken me a long time to get to a sale mentally, and now I'm mentally committed. If I delay and the weather gets nice, I'm sure I'll start to rethink my decision.
  4. In anticipation of an auction, I removed the price from the original listing. I didn't want to taint the auction. I will note that even with the exhaust on the passenger side, this car is still not quiet. I don't wear ear plugs, but I could see how someone might prefer it for the wind and engine noise. I do wear goggles, however!
  5. I am likely going to list the car on bringatrailer.com. Initiating the process with them now. Not sure how long it takes for the auction to go live. If you're interested, please let me know.
  6. I'm selling my 2009 Birkin S-3, located in my garage in Reno, Nevada. I have deleted the text of the ad as the car will be listed on bringatrailer.com. They have requested that any other listings of the car be removed while they prepare the listing and run the auction. It will be no reserve, so it should be fun and offer a nice market check on the price of a used Birkin. Photos (linked to flickr because I couldn't figure out how to make them rotate in the posting): https://www.flickr.com/gp/97355672@N07/Hd0gMV
  7. Had my younger brother in town the other day, who has never driven the seven (typically winter when he is around it), so we did a canyon carving session up Mt. Rose Highway and swapped cars at the halfway point. The seven doesn't get driven as much now that the GT3 has taken over track duty. I was considering selling it; I don't know that I can. The car is so much fun to rip around in. The car is all detailed now too, which makes it more fun to drive. Don't know why, but a clean car makes a huge difference for me. Took a few photos at the beginning of the session. Favorite is th
  8. Pictures from the other day. There are a few blemishes that I believe are captured in these photos (scratch to metal on the engine cover, scratch on carbon cockpit cover, scratch/dent on lower edge near driver, normal track patina). This is not a show car. I have no idea how to rotate the pictures.
  9. It looks like I'm going to be selling my Birkin. I have to take some photos, pay my membership fee and post an official ad. I'm not looking to make money here; just looking to move the car. I need the garage space.... Essentially, I'm going to be ok with any reasonable offer on the car. It isn't a flawless example - it has been driven.
  10. After probably more than a few years not visiting the site, I chatted with active members down at Thunderhill a month ago and thought I should visit again. It has been a while and the car has changed, so I thought I should resurrect my own thread from the dead by updating the build page with more recent photos of the car. Caged, additional carbon, supercharger, etc.
  11. I have one of the newer 2.0L Duratec Birkins that put out about 165rwhp. I only run 205s at the rear and am fully to the floor with my accelerator all the time at the track. The car is wicked fast as is, but it could certainly handle more power, esp. on the straights where there isn't enough hp to push through the aero block that we start to hit around 110mph. Put some wider, stickier tires on this car and I would be stupid not to ask for more power. I am a little concerned about adding weight (sitting at 1197 pounds right now), but I am thinking that the power will make up for it.
  12. Boing! Agree with upgrading to stouter roll protection. But seriously, boing!
  13. Unfortunately, I am out for this year.
  14. I have said many times that my 21 mile commute has to be one of the best (if the slower cars use the turnouts). 16 miles of "curves ahead." http://g.co/maps/9ck52
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