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    married, 2 married boys, 3 grandkids like to play, love speed
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    cresskill, new jersey
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    imports (own business)
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  2. Thanks Tom, I'll run it by my los angeles mechanic
  3. Redgoose needs an Oxygen Sensor for my R500. Anyone know exactly what my car takes and where to get one ?
  4. Hi all, any of you tech guys know what correct spark plugs and coil overs I would need as replacements in the 2.0 (263hp) duratec engine ? I'm here in Los Angeles Found a good mechanic but need correct parts. Thanks for replies....Ron
  5. Hi Randall, this is Ron from New Jersey now in Hollywood Hills for 2 months. Looking to get together with other 7s for some fun rides. Call, 201 341 5924...email, redgoose60@optonline.net...I have a very open schedual
  6. Uh, Mike, just asked my WIFE to get me the Tinder app as I am not good with computers. Didn't go over well. Actually, she laughed. After 46 years of marriage she was more than willing. I'm really looking for other 7s. I don't think they are on Tinder, but we had a lot of laughs. Good one !!!
  7. Hi, Mike, Here for 2 months vacation. Trailered the 7 behind my rover. Easy Peasy, The roads here are really good. Having fun just with local roads for now. Thanks for the Tinder app idea, will do. Hope to see you guys in July
  8. Ron from N.J. is in town with his 7. Looking to hook up for fun rides with other 7s. Give me shout out. Phone: 201 341 5924. Living near studio city
  9. Spoke to Jon yesterday, and he explained what to do. Thanks for the help. Hope to see all soon.
  10. Hello to all, yes I have been lax in my Caterham ventures, but this year will be different. I hopefully will attend this years gathering if I return from my 3 month journey to the west coast in one piece. Trailering the Caterham and motorcycle to L.A. to spend 2 months riding the canyons and maybe Leguna Seca. Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks for the replies. The fob has the name __sterling--- on it and it does not seem to come apart. I have to move the fob around the box to make a connection. Hard to find the right spot after the car has run a while, then turned off.
  11. Hello tech guys. Redgoose here with my R500 with original bob starter set up. It's giving me a hard time so I would like to change to conventional setup. My mechanic will do it, but we need guidence. Anyone with knowledge of this situation ? Please help.
  12. do these wheels work on the R500 ? if not, do you plan on making on that does ?
  13. loved 7s for 50 years and finally got one 3 years ago. Of all the many cars and motorcycles i have owned over my 71 years, my r500 is by far the most fun. I hope to driving and tracking for another 10 years. Isn't that a SCARY THOUGHT?
  14. Hello to los angeles area 7 owners. My name is Ron (redgoose) from the new jersey area. I will be in beverly Hills for the month of march. My 7 will be there too. I will be hoping to hook up with local 7 owners who would be willing to show me the great roads I hear about. Hoping to hear from some of you and also rooting for good weather. I will be living on Rodeo Drive. contact cell #201 341 5924. Looking forward to some spirited driving...
  15. watch out for that guy. my first cat was purchased from him. not a good experience. also, that car was for sale at the same time i bought mine, 7 years ago. only 1000 miles since then ????
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