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  1. That's a pretty extreme comparison: you can have a more modern powertrain and enjoy the benefits of EFI without compromising on aesthetics and sound! By that I mean the massive 15" wheels and my biggest peeve: the lowered headlights. Slap a set of ITBs on a Duratec and I think you'd be hard-pressed to say it sounds crap compared to the X-Flow. I really can't get over the new headlight position. The first time I ever sat in a Seven, it was the original headlights that defined the look of the car. The new location is awful, in my opinion. I would have a X-Flow on skinny tires over a 620 any day
  2. Thanks awatkins: I was under the impression sequence numbers were issued right at the beginning of the process - it sounds like that changed. I had no idea that "labor" was used in the use tax calculation either! I work really slowly - does that mean it will essentially be zero dollars? :-) Hopefully SB100 will not go away - I always feel like it is in danger of extinction, though, and I will be left with a very expensive ornament in my garage.
  3. Hi all. I have a question which is not directly related to the recent CARB-related issues with completing SB100, but I'm hoping I can get some help, please. A couple of years ago, I bought a used (imperial) chassis from Texas, which was formerly part of a fully assembled and TX-registered car (it also came with a bunch of parts to get me started). For me, it represented a blank canvas, to build my ideal car from scratch. I am very slowly building it back into a complete car (albeit it with my own drivetrain, for which I have maintained receipts). I have always been unclear if I sho
  4. As someone building an ITB induction Caterham in CA, I am interested to know this too. Sounds like I may need to put a bung in the air filter backplate for the inspection. I'm not familiar with the RBTB intake, but it sounds like a massive pain to have to switch to a plenum intake to pass - do you have ECU maps for both plenum and RBTB?
  5. Sorry if this has been posted before, but I learned that there is a Caterham episode of the UK show "Car SOS", and it is available to stream on Disney+ in the US. It's Season5: Episode 8. A rather touching story.
  6. Hi - I'm converting an older chassis to 2.0 Duratec power and could definitely use these parts! I will drop you a message.
  7. Thank you both for your suggestions on the ferrule and solder methods for the M-Unit sockets!
  8. Steve, what are those terminals that insert into the M-Unit called, please? Do they just crimp onto the wires? Seems a much better solution than just inserting bare stranded wires... For the AUX relays, I believe you can configure them to come on as soon as the M-Unit is unlocked - there is a setting.
  9. I'm looking for a key-operated switch, to serve as a backup for the Bluetooth unlocking system (or it may end up being the primary key). It obviously doesn't need to be a beefy column-mounted affair, since only a tiny current will pass through it and I don't have the column-lock mechanism. Not sure where I will mount it yet. Any ideas, please? How about something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Removable-Position-Terminal-30-1086-01/dp/B01MYXBTVZ/ref=psdc_5739466011_t3_B019I12414#customerReviews
  10. The Motogadget manual calls for a 40A fuse between the battery and the M-Unit. they call it the "vehicle main fuse".
  11. I asked Motogadget about this. They suggest you always have a physical switch (as a backup, in case your phone dies). That could be a simply key-operated switch or just a hidden latching switch.
  12. Yes, but that doesn't create more capacity - you are still limited to 1x20A and 1x10A aux outputs. It would be hard to get all EFI outputs on there (fuel pump, fan etc). Then you may need wipers, instrumentation, wideband, ECU...
  13. Congratulations, JR! Can't wait to see/hear it in action! I finally bought my M-Unit Blue, after months of trying to decide between this and a PDM. In the end, I decided that I preferred the simplicity (and price point) of the M-Unit setup and didn't need the hassle of the PDM programming and CAN bus functions. The only downside, as has been mentioned before, is the M-Unit could do with a few more circuits for EFI.
  14. Thanks, but I did mention in my post that none of the off-the-shelf items appeal to me. I do not need any of the logic and I really don't like the button layouts.
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