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  1. A forum member used to sell them but he recently stopped making them. You can always go to the source, Caterham parts: https://caterhamparts.co.uk/nose-cones/27-grille-nose-cone-s3-7-logo-grey.html?search_query=grille+nose+cone&results=125
  2. If you look at the end of the last video that was posted, it looks like the person is hitting the brakes when the outer edge of the lights are illuminated. It's not a big deal, I was just curious how they worked. I really liked how they incorporated the reverse and fog lamps into it all. The reverse light is now integrated into the license plate light. I never installed the fog or reverse lights on my car since I thought they were huge and ugly.
  3. Has anybody installed these yet? Just wondering how they operate. It looks like the turn signal is in the center, the brake light on the outside and the fog on the inside but I'm not sure.
  4. The Westfield Aerorace manual shows how they mount the 2 fuel pumps and swirl pot in Chapter 7 page 2: http://www.manikllc.com/manuals/Westfield_AeroRace_Build_Manual-2008-07-07.pdf They use a Facet Red Top for the low pressure fuel pump and a swirl pump like this one: https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=10247 I've never tried this setup but the Flyin Miata did fix their fuel starvation problem this way on their Westfield build which should be similar on a Caterham. Although it might bring the value down on your Caterham to use a design idea from a Westfield. lol ;-)
  5. I have the same problem on my Westfield. On long left handers I get fuel starvation at anything below a 3/4 tank. The Westfield tank has a small capacity of 7 gallons. It has a tiny sump on the driver side but it isn't enough. I changed the external pump the car came with an internal Mazda Miata fuel pump but it didn't make any difference. It is worse in that it always leaks a bit from the top of the tank. I didn't know about the hydramat but even if I move the pump to the center of the tank I think the hydramat is too wide to fit between the two baffles. My second idea was to make a sump in the center of the tank and use a GM system from a Silverado. It has an internal sump as well and seems to eliminate the surge problem. http://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/in-tank-fuel-pump-conversion.394565/page-2 You can even buy the adapter to weld onto your tank so that the pump fitting is factory. http://www.vetteworksonline.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=89&osCsid=ek3akeqin32vu69kk850k5c4u1 Yet another idea is to do what Westfield does on their race cars which is use a high and low pressure external pump with a swirl tank. I should have probably done this before going with the Miata internal pump solution.
  6. And yet you couldn't provide one link. There are the Grote 7" ones but I'm kinda partial to the Wipac / Caterham ones to keep the authentic look. Since I've seen several people ask about upgrading to the 5.75" ones in the past I figure this would be a good way for someone to offload their old pair.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. They're chrome and I rather not have to pay the exchange rate and shipping. A lot of owners tend to upgrade to the smaller 5.75" so I hope somebody here will have their old 7" ones.
  8. Congrats on getting the car running and on the road! Curious as to what your car's weight ended up being. Mine is 1356 lbs with a full tank. Cornerweights with 200lbs driver weight and full tank: LF 373 RF 326 LR 464 RR 400
  9. I have the Westfield one if you really want one. I splurged and ordered one from Caterham with the 7 logo.
  10. The pedal cover looks great. I made mine very similarly. I noticed the big battery in your picture. To save weight and space the lithium batteries have come down in price. I bought this one a year ago and it has worked great. http://www.solomotoparts.com/Ballistic-Battery-8-Cell-EVO-2-Lithium-1lb-10oz/ Here is a picture of it in the far corner, along with the ABS, and the pedal cover.
  11. Is that Peter Egan? I first learned about Westfields when I read about his XI build. Always loved to read his columns.
  12. Good to know the oil pans are sturdy. One great thing about the Miata is how plentiful and inexpensive the engines are. I have a 1.8 from a 97 in mine but would love the extra torque of a later engine with VVT.
  13. Did you shorten the oil pan? I wasn't going to until I put the car on the ground and noticed how little clearance there was. Now that I have there is about 3" between it and the ground. I didn't widen it to makeup for the loss of oil like others have done. I did measure the volume loss at the time and it wasn't much. Then again, the Miata doesn't take that much oil to begin with so every bit counts. While I had the oil pan out I added a bung for a oil return line in case I add a turbo in the future. I also added another bung for a oil temperature sensor.
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