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Donkervoort; watcha think ?

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I like the fact that they are factory built, nicely finished and pretty bad ass.

The new stuff if crazy money and probably not importable anyhow.

A 1991 with a turboed Ford SOHC engine with 88,000 miles just sold at their website for $30K .

Over there in the Netherlands.


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Being more than a bit of a purist I've always held to the notion that the only true 7 is either a Lotus or a Catherham. As such, I dearly love my Caterham. However, that being said, I am a huge fan of the Donkervoort cars and have lusted after them for years. If they were legal here I'd have one.






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The faired in headlights are interesting. I wonder what they weigh?


Per their website;


[h=2]ULTRALIGHT AND SUPER STRONG THANKS TO CARBON FIBRE[/h]The combination of the tubular steel frame and large carbon composite panels – also called a hybrid chassis – has resulted in a unique combination of significantly increased stiffness and ultra-light weight. The body is also made entirely of carbon fibre.

Thanks to the use of this ultra-strong, ultra-light material, the total weight of the GTO-S remains below 740 kg!


(740Kg=1631 lbs)


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