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2006 wcm ultralite s2k and custom trailer for sale

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2006 WCM Ultralite S2K and custom trailer for sale $25,500. Trailer cost if not chosen with car is $1,500.00, with similar reduction to car-and-trailer cost. PRICE REDUCTION TO $25,500.00! ULTRALITE, TRAILER, AND FIRESUIT SOLD 11-29-2019!

Parts kit delivered in 2005, assembled with the help of various race shops near the Indy 500 track.

Painted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Lotus, dark metallic red with silver stripe and nose band that are black outlined.

My S2K won the Indy SCCA Solo year for class D Modified

My co-driver won Indy SCCA Ladies Solo year for class D Modified

We were running in second place against the travelling British V8s (!) autocross when it was rained out.

The other 9 years my car came in second place in D Mod.

During Track days on road courses, this car is immensely satisfying and challenging, too!



• Licensed for street use in Indiana where it is titled, ‘WCM/S2K’ and ‘Lotus 7’ because only about 175 S2K’s were ever made. The manufacturer studied and loved the concept of Lotus, though he modified the engine mounting by sliding the engine 2 ½” to the passenger side. Thus, a larger foot box for large feet, and a little better corner weighting. With the S2000 exhaust ports on the right, the muffler is not on the driver’s side! Also, the dash wires are all in front of the dash, no shoulder-stands in foot well to affix wiring. My primary use was SCCA Solo, class DMod. Includes Race wheels 15” Diamond Pro/Cha wheels made with 45 degree lugnut holes and aluminum lugnuts with matching 45 degree tapers are for mounting slicks. I used 9 ½” slicks all 4, R15B, 23.0x9.5R15, so I could rotate them one position after each event.


• 17” forged aluminum wheels for street use, fronts 17”x7.5”, 225/45x17” tires. Rears 17” x 8”, 245/45x17” tires. Lots of tire for a light car.

• Chassis is powder coated, with forward-tilt Fiberglass hood. Braided steel cables to hold hood upright.

• Ultra-shield drag seats, 19” driver and 17” passenger.

• Wood dash has 7 coats of spar varnish, Auto Meter Ultralite meters are black face with red night lighting.

• Engine and 6 speed trans are from the first generation of S2000 that redlines at 9,200 and 240 hp from two liters.

• Subaru WRX diff at 4.44 and rear shafts and rotors Subaru WRX.

• The car has less than 15,000 miles on it.

• Windscreens are heavier scratchproof Plexiglas, slightly oversized to reduce side winds.

• Driveshaft has double strap steel safety shields, the one underneath to protect the wiring, fuel line and brake line.

• Brake proportioning valve In front of custom shift lever with titanium shift-pattern knob.

• Radiator is Griffin double-pass so both hoses are on the left. Fill cap body is tapped for water temp sensor. Was 3 piece with ‘0’ rings, now welded one-piece.

• Six-point camlock 3” Impact brand seat belts, with pull-up adjustments.

• Polished stainless steel (sourced from marine supply) hood side vents.

• Master race engineer took off the shocks and ran complete range-of-motion alignment on all 4 wheels. He also rebuilt the lower front wishbones so they could withstand the massive braking effect of the Wilwood 4-piston brakes, with pierced 12” rotors in front.

• Then he rebuilt the gas tank so it has a braided steel gas line, a center-collecting baffled gas tank, outsides connected via tube on bottom. Has overflow and ring of captive-nut bolts to change the fuel pump, and a drain plug. I put in a fuel pump toggle switch. (Result has been no fuel pump starvation in hard corners.)


• In-line under hood fuel pressure gauge to help diagnose challenges..

• Large cleanable fuel filter.

• Put in a filtered small aluminum catch can for rare drips of oil to run out of valve cover. Honda originally had the line run back to air intake.

• I have only used alcohol-free 91 octane fuel in her.

• Two folding marine-type cup holders, mounted with industrial Velcro patches. Good for standing around at car shows, or for driving to events.

• Operating horn button on steering wheel! (I could never find the dash button in time of need.)

• Italian 2-note light-weight air horn.

• Custom WCM exhaust is quite a bit below track decibel limits, and a catalytic converter is installed as well. Exhaust is chrome powder coated.

• All but one radiator hose is silicone construction.

• Brake lines braided steel

• Row of circuit breakers to the driver’s right = no fuses.

• Chrome Halon fire extinguisher between the aluminum seats.

• Brake lights, side marker and roll bar brake light are all LEDs.

• Headlights are from off-road truck rack, bulbs exchanged for normal headlamp prisms. Thus they are smaller than usual headlamps.

• British license plate with original Prisoner numbers is biggest rear reflector I could find.

• Durabak-18 shiny hard black undercoat for fronts of rear fenders and cockpit edges.


TRAILER is custom made for the Lotus. It is a single axle, 81 ½” wide, 12’1 ½” long, and 56” high. There is a steel storage rack across the inside front. Will hold trailer for first refusal of buyer of my S2K.

Beaver tail floor drops down at rear. Top hinges in front, two gas struts. Electric brakes with six-point connector for tow vehicle. Light inside trailer. Installed a pair of Gorilla Lifts to make ramp easier to open and close. Three matching aluminum wheels. (1 is spare)

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This is a very nicely done S2K and it is well sorted. Paul is a good friend and lives within a couple of miles from me. He is an INDY Region SCCA member and fellow Solo competitor. This car runs in D-Mod and I ran in E-Mod with my yellow Brunton Stalker. Sad to learn that he is selling this ride.

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I also have a black and white firesuit, 3 layer, that could go with the car, I am 6'2"..

It is a G-Force black with white arm stripes and white chest band, a British Club Team Lotus patch, a Lotus patch, and a SCCA patch. SFI certified 3-2A/5. I wanted it to look a little retro! I would sell it separately, had thought to add it when car and trailer are purchased.

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My WCM S2K and trailer haven't sold yet! Still for sale.


How is this car registered in Indy?

Is it registered as a 2006 Kit car or a classic?


[EDIT:] Just noticed you mentioned this above... I don't think that would fly in Massachusetts. Our registration process and inspections are absurd here.

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I used to live in Shirley, Mass, near Ayer where there was a Lotus 7 dealer back then, though it didn't have enough foot room. It would really be fun to drive a 7 and do what they called 'Shunpiking' on weekends!


My family lives in Ayer.

I don't know how long it's been since you lived here, but the base "Devens" hasn't been active in years and it's one of the primary sites where AutoX events happen now.

The only Seven-esc car I've even been in is a Stalker when I visited their factory in Florida, but registration was part of the issue on that car as well, but living in this region, I'd really like to climb Mount Washington in a 7.

I'm part of a group of about 200 cars that does a road rally up to the white mountains every summer, where they have some fantastic driving roads for a seven.


I'm assentially looking for this expereience (Turn on closed captions):

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Indiana BMV just accepted a changed title: Manufacturer = WCM/S2K, and

Model = Lotus 7.

What year is the car listed as? I think that will help prospective buyers. At least in MA anything 15 years and newer gets plugged into the OBD2 to pass emissions

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I have just taken the car to the best Lotus dealer I know of, and they will be handling the advertising and sale of the car going forward.

They are in the NW corner of Indianapolis, Indiana. their website is https://gatormotorsport.com/

(I just corrected this URL, didn't know I selected the Florida program the first time.)

They are also dealers for some other pretty nifty cars, too!

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to correct the URL, used Florida!
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