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  1. swilco9: Yes I can send you one. Direct message me with your address. Jerry
  2. Since whenever I took a blat, the front seat was full of small gravel, I always wore motocross goggles. The kind that are for "over your eyeglasses". For a hat,( to keep my bald head from burning), I used a do rag, or a welders cap ( without a bill), or a baseball cap with some means to keep it on my head. To replace the cap bill, which shaded my eyes from the sun, I placed about 3 rows of black electrical tape on the goggles at the top. It worked great. You may think it restricts vison, but it doesn't, your normal view is straight ahead, and the tape takes care of the sun a
  3. Sorry to duplicate a thread, I had missed that one. It was an awesome performance by the Seven.
  4. I saw a video on Amazon Prime, The Grand Tour, season 4, The Massive Hunt. In this video, they Off Roaded a Caterham. The fitted it with a huge set of knobbies in the rear, raised up the front, added a winch, and I assume waterproofed the engine. They also modified a Ford and a Bentley for off road use. The three were driving in Madagascar on some absolutely terrible roads, and the Caterham was MAGNIFICENT !!!! It did get winched out a couple times, but the light weight really helped, in spite of being two wheel drive. Of course Jeremy Clarkson had the Bentley, Richard Hammond in t
  5. I am on the Corvette Forum, and I agree it can get pretty stupid at times. Not reading the useless posts is the best approach. Recurring stupid items are: I paid $70,000 for this car and the stitching on the leather seats is crooked, how do I get them to pay me some compensation. Because they think it's an expensive car, they think it will be perfect. They should buy a Caterham 620 at the same price. "Stealerships" are making too much money on them. No one is allowed any profit by these guys. Do you guys think the purple stripes I painted on my fender look cool? Substitut
  6. The company is owed by a member here. WestTexasS2K He may be able to advise you on the status.
  7. As I was cleaning out some old 7's stuff, I came across two copies of an S1 Superformance brochure. I will be happy to send one (along with a couple of old USA7s.org stickers) to the first two Superformance owners or aficionados who post "I'll take it". Please follow up with a private message with your address. Jerry Eddens
  8. Sorry, no pics for proof, but back in the 60's, I was driving a Berkeley to work each day, I kept it in my 1 car garage, along with my Corvair coupe, my enduro bike and my lawnmower. I pulled the Berkeley into the left front corner at an angle, got out, then lifted the rear end against the left wall. The Berkeley had a FWD 500cc Exlcelsior motorcycle engine, and only weighed 700 pounds, so it was not a big effort. The bike and the lawnmower were in the right front corner, and the Corvair filled the rest of the garage.
  9. Congratulations on your new kit. I believe you will find the building part to be one of the best parts of owning a Seven. Good luck.
  10. The original Ultralites came with a vertical rod so you could adjust the location of the rod end. Take out the vertical bolt and secure the rod end in the upper frame mount position. Here is a pic of the vertical rod. Here is a pic with the rod end in the upper mount. Sorry about the picture orientation.
  11. Actually I never checked them to see if they were level or not. I believe that would change with ride height. My ride height was 5 1/4 rear, just in front of the rear fender, and 4 1/4 in the front, where the frame cuts in toward the center. I had 500f/400 r springs. ( at this ride height I needed a skid plate under the sump to aggressively drive it on back roads) Also in the rear, the lower front traverse rod was moved from the vertical bolt between the two mounting points, up to the upper mounting point, and the vertical bolt was removed.
  12. I ran my tie rods to the bottom of the spindle arm. I ran 4 deg caster, - 1/4 deg camber, 1/16 toe in (front) -1 camber, 0 toe (rear) The guys more into autocrossing ran the front camber at -1 to -1.5, toe in around .1" . Rear camber -1 to -1.5, and 0 toe
  13. A demonstration of "work smarter, not harder". Very unique and useful.
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