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Caterham as an off road vehicle


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I saw a video on Amazon Prime, The Grand Tour, season 4, The Massive Hunt. In this video, they Off Roaded a Caterham. The fitted it with a huge set of knobbies in the rear, raised up the front, added a winch, and I assume waterproofed the engine.


They also modified a Ford and a Bentley for off road use. The three were driving in Madagascar on some absolutely terrible roads, and the Caterham was MAGNIFICENT !!!! It did get winched out a couple times, but the light weight really helped, in spite of being two wheel drive.


Of course Jeremy Clarkson had the Bentley, Richard Hammond in the Ford, and James May was piloting the Caterham.


You must see this video, you will be amazed at the performance of the Caterham.



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