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  1. I should also add that the gearing on my 6 speed is absolutely perfect. Somewhat tall first and short/close gears to each other after that. 6th is 1:1 and I run out of gearing at about 120mph Edit: changed 5 to 6
  2. I think we are coming to the question of 7 from different angles. There are many different 7 that fill many different niches. I wanted something as much of a driving experience as possible to match my bikes and I've got that with an aero 7 and a sequential. It's a theater driving the car everywhere and a big part of that experience is the rawness of the sequential and how obnoxiously loud and a handful it is. I have the much older quaife and it's a bit of a different beast than the new one. With that said I also drive it about as often as I ride a bike, which is infrequent. It's hard to put more than 100 miles on it without feeling fatigued especially in the hot weather. It's a chore to get in and out and strap yourself in every at every stop. Grocery shopping while occasionally done is less than optimal. It's certainly not a daily like the STI is. It is a motorcycle replacement for me in my configuration but that also means it's an infrequent use case car.
  3. If I were you I'd do 420 R with aero and option in sequential if you can. My car with the Zetec was very peppy with it's "200hp package" that I found out dynoed 130 some after fixing some issues. Now it's plenty peppy with 130hp and it's sequential and a blast to drive. While I still strive for more I'm very happy with what it has now. 200 wheel is likely max id ever want. Unfortunately for me it will likely take forced induction to get there.
  4. You think it's an issue even on supercharged engines? Power is instant/constant and linear?
  5. This might not be curse but rather operator error. I'm finding out these filters are supposed to be reoiled. Maybe the lack of that lead to failure. Oh well. The more I know.
  6. Something interesting I discovered today. Failure of the air filter on ITBs. Caught this out of the corner of my eye as I was about to put the hood back on. No idea how long it was like this or what could have lead to specific failure other than wear and tear from the hood. doesn’t appear that any pieces went in i wanted to do a test run anyway so I jimmy rigged a solution to go out for a quick test Edit: Don't know why my iphone images came out as 180 degrees rotate like the other member had. Fixed in MSpaint
  7. SV looks a bit off with them and no stripes. This new line isn't a big hit with the UK owners from what I've seen. I'm indifferent about it's existence, although I prefer modern look.
  8. Caterham Super Seven 600 & 2000 - An Icon Remastered.
  9. SVT is a very different motor than regular Zetec but is part of the whole family. It also has variable came timing but on the intake cam rather than exhaust. The "VCT" label you on valve covers belongs to regular Zetec family that had it on the exhaust cam. So when I say VCT it refers to the Zetecs that had it on the exhaust cam and were labeled as such.
  10. I'll tag along with a trailer but I'm not making the trip down by driving ever again..
  11. Can't speak for the new Caterham tails, but I'll be damned if there is a position where JAL aren't visible. They are open housing array of LED's in a plastic package that scatters the light in all directions while lighting itself up in the housing at the same time. Very happy with the JAL's and I'm certain they make me more visible which made it a no brainer.
  12. Caterham 420R Build - What all comes in the kit? - Episode 1
  13. Appears I haven't posted this yet Morgan Three Wheeler and Caterham Seven: Brilliant British Flyweights - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS
  14. Caterham 420R Spa Francorchamps July 2019
  15. Caterham 420R - Fish and Chip Run 2022
  16. The Piercefield Pub At The Begining Of The Caterham Fish And Chip Run 2022 Caterham And Lotus 7 Club
  17. Auchtung! Leichtbau-Raketen 🚀 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition vs. Caterham SEVEN 485 R 🔥 I GRIP
  18. I am cheap, and what I've learned in life is a proper tool for the job is cheaper and easier in the long run than DIY alternatives. Any water damage that would occur during trial and error of trying to keep it out with a DIY solution will be more costly than proper cover to begin with. Also the cost of the cover isn't a sunken cost for the time of ownership. You'll get most of the money back if when you decide to sell it later on whenever you might sell the car. True cost is the the little difference in depreciation which is likely $50 to $100 in the end. That's my advice.
  19. Wow. If anybody was doing video of their runs that would be interesting to see later on.
  20. Caterham 620S - The Fastest Car I've Driven - 4K
  21. Caterham 170R - Supercarcopilot - 4K
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