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  1. evo Track Evening in association with Sky Insurance - Caterham Seven 420 R Caterham Seven 420R onboard | evo Track Car of the Year
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  5. Trio on the track at Donington Part1 https://www.topgear.com/videos/jeremy-clarkson/lightweight-track-cars-part-13-series-18-episode-6 Part2 https://www.topgear.com/videos/jeremy-clarkson/lightweight-track-cars-part-23-series-18-episode-6 Part3 https://www.topgear.com/videos/jeremy-clarkson/lightweight-track-cars-part-33-series-18-episode-6
  6. James May drives three Caterhams (Series 21, Episode 4) https://www.topgear.com/videos/james-may/james-may-drives-three-caterhams-series-21-episode-4
  7. James May and The Stig on the Caterham | Top Gear
  8. Going with the Top Gear theme DIY Caterham vs The Stig | Top Gear
  9. The absolute classic Captain slow had the best car for the job Track Cars and the city | Top Gear
  10. Caterham 420R Build - Paint Protection Film - Episode 4
  11. For those curious, this is what the key is supposed to look like for the key fob From everything I looked into the ONLY way to get it is with a new key cylinder. Doesn't come as a blank, nor does it come from a third party. I believe those might be made in house. STEERING COLUMN LOCK ALL CARS - Reference: 71247294D As far as blanks for regular keys this is what I have LMA LF10P Interchange Part Number: LF10P, 1006LPS21, P029, AA-3P, LF17-RH, LF19RP45, LF17P, AA3P, UP246, LW37P, PLF20,
  12. Whole thing is worth a watch Brief 7 content @ 12:05 And there is one hiding at 41:35 but he doesn't talk about this one Kudos given to the 7 @ 27 minute mark when he talked about designing his Rocket specifically to "beat" the iconic 7 in weight as he couldn't outdesign the classic lines.
  13. I already have a full set of 3 bands kit. The issues isn't that I won't match the proportions by going with 2 more bands but that the 2 extra bands won't fit on the bonnet between the gills, so center has to be replaced with the new center in order to fit. IE all 3 have to be redone in order for the scheme to work. Yours looks great!
  14. Good find. That pretty much settles that.
  15. Migrating from @John B's build thread. New nose cone/colors discussion I have a 620R nose that is pending painting. I love the white/red combo and the single stripe however it doesn't work with the 620R nose. Primarily because of the ring surround Luckily the new Caterham configurator lets you play around with ideas before committing to any changes. I've done my car with a 620R nose and tried different combinations (along with photoshop) There are 3 primary combos on Caterhams. 1) Single stripe with nose ring
  16. @John Bsorry for thread highjack. I'll migrate to a new thread.
  17. Ah, good call. 420 race has one hole up top. 620R has two. I'm still pending install on mine as I'm having a paint scheme dilemma but that's another story.
  18. Greatly depends on how it's registered in the other state and what requirements your state has. Some 7's are registered as a kit, or a 1965 replica or a "2001" Caterham. Typically if it's registered as a "2001" it will have to abide by "2001" standards. IE it will be an OBD2 car. If it's a 1965 it will typically be exempt. If it's registered as a kit or a specialty construction it will typically be exempt as well.
  19. I like the subtle 620R nose cone upgrade
  20. What do you think is going to be a bottle neck of parts in the future? We are lucky because we are a kit car essentially and due to the history nature of the car many alternatives to use/source from that work. Lets say 10 years from now, which parts will be hard to source for replacement? This falls into two categories. Direct replacements or part type entirely. For direct replacement Tires are being hard to find Some specific engines and parts for them can be hard to source now Specific OEM wheels are also hard to
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