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  1. Right. However even their claimed PS per Tonne is a bit misleading when the industry standard is HP per Ton and the figure looks different after doing the math that they aren't very transparent about.
  2. Caterham has always been a little optimistic about their model designations such as "360"/"480"/"500"/"620" being eluded to as HP per Ton Two caveats, they round the HP numbers and use a metric Tonne instead of imperial ton and they round down the weight. Lets take for example Caterham 360. Caterham says it makes 182ps, weights 560kg and on their website already updates power to weight as 349 per tonne. PS hp becomes 180. 560KG = .62 of a ton. Simple math converts this to 290 as being a realistic HP per Ton number. Going further through the lineup and information available on the Caterham site now 420 becomes 339 Lastly 620 after doing the math 469. Amusingly this is the math that the website has for it
  3. I have an old Quaife sequential. Honestly makes the car for me. It's rough, loud, clanky and very expensive to fix and I love every minute of it.
  4. Now that I know that pictures are from an old ad, after all the other red flags I'm 95% convinced it's a scam. Very strange to be using such an obscure car for the scam however.
  5. Could go either way. Easiest way to find out whether a scam is to do what you're doing. Ask for more pictures, vin and a picture with the plate with at least the state not edited out, they can keep numbers edited out. If they keep giving you excuses of "I'm not local/I'm not available/I don't have any more pictures and can't get them" etc then more than likely a scam. Escrow sounds slightly unorthodox. Easy way is to find a local enthusiast (not necessarily a 7 owner) and pay them to scope the car out for you before flying out etc. So far has all the checkmarks of a scam. Few pictures without confirming the state, he's magically unreachable in person, wants the money held by a third party etc. Then again, high risk things = high reward, so if it's true it would be a good deal. I flew out to see my car across the country and the previous owner was saying he can't get pictures because he doesn't know how to use a phone and needs somebody's help with it etc. A few other red flags too. All turned out to be real. Had a friend check it out beforehand.
  6. Watch This Before Buying Or Building A Kit Car
  7. For me it wouldn't be a factor for a right price. Especially on a car that doesn't get driven in the winter (salt) and otherwise just sitting in the snow isn't any different than sitting in the rain (no salt if it doesn't get driven, just moisture). Main paint looks pretty good, fenders are easily replaceable and carbon doesn't need paint Car overall can be repainted pretty cheap since it has so few panels especially once rear fenders are off. I agree, I'm looking forward to following this along. It's unusual to come across a 7 like this (Copart one is interesting as well)
  8. Hah! For that value I'd be ready to offer you to double your money by this weekend no questions asked without knowing where you are in the states One of the greatest parts about these cars is that at the end of the day they are a "kit car" where every part is replaceable, available and it can be assembled by average Joe. Caterham parts can be somewhat hard to deal with so I suggest reaching out to Chris Minecroft(sp?) at Redline. He's to my knowledge biggest second hand supplier of Caterham parts and has been very easy to work with. He often has parts that Caterham might not have in stock. Ideally the frame isn't rotted and it would make everything else rather direct and easy. Hopefully aluminum body panels aren't oxydised and the engine turns. If the tonneau cover was open for a while the interior could use a little love. Leather seats likely suffered and the floor likely held water. Looking forward to getting updated to it's current condition once you get out to see it.
  9. It's a good question in regards to value. Napkin math would be good condition MSRP minus cost of all the parts needed to make it "good" again, minus downtime and labor needed to get it back to that position with another minor minus in value for the gremlins that are still unknown. With that said values to begin with have been all over the place with even 2000my Zetecs fetching around $40k on BAT in great condition and desired spec. Caterhams in general in any spec and condition tend to go above $20k and some other 7s slightly below that as bottom and completed Locost replicas in low to mid teens. Low volume means they are always in demand. Throwing another wild stick at it, as is it's value is likely about $20-25k barring no major mechanical, title or frame issues. As long as the frame isn't rotted through and the engine at least turns by hand and it has a title that would be a very good start. Once it runs, you clean it up, replace or paint the fenders (Carbon would be a good "resto mod" for modern look) and have it moving and sorted you're into $30s depending on true miles and rest of blemishes. For personal use I'd recommend sourcing 10 spoke 15in wheels or even 13s. I believe yours now are 16s? Maybe 15s? My opinion of course. Many much more seasoned vets here that will chime in with their knowledge.
  10. Agreed. Pretty neat as a find. If I had to throw a stick at it, I'd say it's a 2004 SV Zetec. The blinkers on the fenders is the only thing leading me towards a later year rather than going into the 90s. Can't be too late 2000's due to the headlights still being 7in and mounted in the back of the nose cone. I think the wheels are a later year thing too. It will certainly need some love but it seems to have good bones. Once you get us the VIN we get a lot of information out of that for you.
  11. BMW M3 xDrive vs Caterham 360R: TRACK BATTLE
  12. It's assessed as a 160R model once adjusted for the additional AC weight I wouldn't hedge my bets on it being a flood car in SoCal but im also curious, especially considering previous owner appears to be known.
  13. This seems like a find of a century honestly. Congrats! While I've never seen one, I do remember Caterham talking about the possibility of adding it in or even developing it, hoping to get their foot in the door of markets like Saudi Arabia
  14. I believe this is the story referenced for those wondering http://www.simplesevens.org/1135/1135.htm
  15. I want to give a special link to this dedicated 7 YouTuber. He doesn't get many views but he's been diligent provider of content for years https://www.youtube.com/c/SevenSpot7Spot/videos 7Spot 2021 Xmas Memories .... mmm .... Carbon, ... MUST HAVE CARBON! Do you have what it takes to build a Kit Car?
  16. How can a Christmas tree collection go so WRONG!
  17. Road Trip 2021 - Caterham 7s in France
  18. That is quite the story. Looking forward to the updates. (Small request, can the original poster or the mods break down the wall of text into a few paragraphs?)
  19. That seems like a steal of a deal!
  20. Nice! Who's going to inspect the final assembly? The nose cone tends to fall off..
  21. Kudos @Kitcat for brokering and finding a 7 from the small % of sales not covered on the forum.
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