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Setting up the front suspension - I have the upper and lower a-arms parallel to the floor and to each other. Is this right? If I move the upper arm mounts up to the top, I will have a little more travel, but I'm not sure the shocks and springs will even allow that. Is the upper/lower parallel idea true for unequal-length or is it just for equal-length? any advice would be appreciated.

Brunton Stalker kit for 1962 Lotus 7 with "donor" Miata drivetrain 




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If you have the a-arms parallel the wheel move directly up and down, the camber will remain the same,  that is very bad,  because as the chassis rolls in the turns you will get increasing positive camber,  not good.  So you want the upper control arm lower by the chassis,  that will increase the negative camber as the wheel moves up.  That will increase in the positive camber that will be offset by the chassis rolling.  So if the angles are correct you will still have negative camber throughout  the corner. 



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I tried to take a picture on my Locost but it's up on jack stands so the suspension is in droop. But here is a picture you can see the upward slope of the top a-arm. A better place to ask your question is the Locost forum, lots of very knowledgeable people on suspension design, check out http://locostusa.com/forums/



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