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  1. They have used the stock oil pan and it looks like they have put the bottom on the oil pan level with the bottom frame rails, the engine is also appears forward in the frame. So your answer is yes, Low profile oil pan, maybe dry sump, let the oil pan hang a little below the frame, move the engine back, not a problem. Intercooler behind the radiator is an interesting choice, and no muffler just a dump pipe. Graham
  2. Sorry I was not there looks like you had fun, I was at Mid-Ohio with a group of friends from Chicago, so I was having my share of fun. Graham
  3. I am not sure how cam timing will effect one cylinder only? Looks like you have a lost spark setup, have you tried swapping the plug leads on a single coil to see if the miss moves, If the miss moves you have a bad coil or a bad plug wire. Graham
  4. There is a technique to this, I don't want to see someone attacking a cylinder head with a bastard file, checkout
  5. I also use RaceChrono, with a Bluetooth ODB2 and a Bluetooth Garmin GLO external GPS receiver. The GLO made a huge difference, before the mapping looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old with a crayon, with the GLO you can see you actual parking spot in the paddock. I do not chase lap times, I have found that to be counter productive. I fire it up then switch the screen off. I email the logs to my tablet so they are easier to review later in the hotel. Graham
  6. You cannot just swap to wide-angle sensors. Regular sensors are like a switch, they only work over a narrow band, rich or lean are the only choices. Wide band work as the name suggests over a wide range of values. Your ecu will not know what to do with the increased range of values the sensor will provide. Graham
  7. Bartman, we're are you in MD, I am in Laurel, 29 and John Hopkins. Graham
  8. In case anyone else is interested https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/1010ths-hpde-october-2021-ncm-motorsport-park-motorsports-408608 Graham
  9. searya, what organization are you using for the NCM event? I am looking for a final event of the year. Graham
  10. Nice area, You have Gingerman a great track at South Haven real close by. One of my favorite tracks. Grattin and Putnam Park and not that far away either. Graham
  11. I attended a tire 101 given by Jonny Miller the ex-TransAm racer, he now runs a track tires service. He said the cook them in an oven is useless, that is not a heat cycle. A heat cycle is when you move and manipulate the rubber and carcass to generate internal heat. Sighted a Kitcat in the wild, driving a Miata at Summit point. Graham
  12. Not normally the fuel pressure regulator will control the pressure the injectors are actually seeing. Graham
  13. You can see the same damage in this picture from a different angle, I think.
  14. The third picture 2 posts ago looks like something inbedded in you profile. It looks like a piece of metal. Graham
  15. Bart. Mt Airy is the powder coating shop. If you need any help assembling your puzzle let me know. Graham
  16. My cage is removable, it's a but of a struggle but I can do it on my own. I use some ratchet straps from the roof beams in the garage to lift and lower the cage. Lift the cage and push the car out from under it.
  17. Dan is a great guy to deal with, he will build exactly what you want. A couple of tips, have the correct seat installed and don't forget you helmet so you can select the Hight, position and the rake of the top bars. Also make Dan's life easier and save you a little money strip everything out of the car that will get in Dan's way. Passenger seat, trim, any gas tank covers, you say your swapping to aeroscreen, but I would have the cage built with the windscreen in place in case you change your mind. I also know a great (the best I have ever used) in the area, Wally's Iron Works in
  18. I think your betting sticking to one dyno rather than shopping for the best numbers. Or you could spend you money on this, looks pretty cool
  19. https://www.nord-lock.com/nord-lock/products/washers/?campaign=328043079&content=&keyword=nord lock washer&placement=&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing_Nordlock&utm_term=nord lock washer&utm_content=Bing_Nordlock Washer
  20. Sounds like a plan, you don't need a hose clamp on the overflow tube as long as it's a snug fit, there is no pressure on that hose. Graham
  21. Bummer it would have been a perfect end of season event. I am already booked up for August, maybe next year, it a track I want to visit. Graham
  22. I run a non pressurized expansion tank on my Honda power Locost without any problem. I would recommend an expansion tank that has a port at the bottom to make sure anything pushed out to the expansion tank is sucked back as the engine cools. Graham
  23. Any news on this event? Looking to schedule a last couple of events. Graham
  24. That's it Racelabz.com. He will build you anything you want, amazing building skills. Graham
  25. We have a great fairly local cage builder that I used for my cage, he is on the site Dan Lipperini in Exeter PA. I will try and find his web site, it alluding me at the moment. Graham
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